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Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Grand Design  Rawk  God Bless RawknRoll  3:40
Seventh Crystal  Wonderland  Higher Ground  3:38
Infinite & Divine  Ascendancy  Down  3:13
Voltwechsel  Frei Und Doch Gefangen  Heute Leben Wir  3:27
Bai Bang  Sha Na Na Na  I Wanna RocknRoll  2:53
Bai Bang  Sha Na Na Na  My Favorite Enemy  3:29
Existent  Stiller Held  Schrei  3:04
Kärbholz  Kapitel 11: Barrikaden  Zu Dir Oder Zu Mir  3:20
Ravenstine  Ravenstine  Ravenstine  3:48
Smackbound  Hostage  Change  3:34
Ivy Gold  Broken Silence  Broken Silence  4:05
Viva  Das Ist Die Wahrheit  Und Du Wirst Es Verstehen  3:19
Carbon County  Carbon County  Them Chains  2:37
Robert Jon & The Wreck  One Of A Kind  Come At Me  3:11
Ricochet  Kazakhsta  Beyond The Line  3:14


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Elegant Weapons  Horns For A Halo  Blind Leading The Blind  4:35
Firewind  Single  Destiny Is Calling  3:51
Bullring  Single  Still Blood  4:03
SPY # ROW  The New Era  The Girl In Black  3:03
Ammotrack  Accelerate  Accelerate  2:20
Grenzenlos  AntiXtrem  AntiXtrem  3:02
Viva  Das ist die Wahrheit  Deine Welt  3:47
Skull Fist  Paid In Full  Madman  3:24
Revolution Saints  Eagle Flight  Talking Like Strangers  3:53
The Boyscout  Best Time Of My Life  The Moment Of Our Love  3:40
Willkuer  Zwei  Ich bin nicht ok  3:46
Crim  Cançons De Morte  Sense Tu Estic Molt Bé  2:44
San Quentin  Single  You’re Lost  2:34
Waumiau  Krawall  Spießrutenlauf  1:47
Skinner  The Dark Design  Ferryman  3:53


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Sergeant Steel  Mister Sippi  Please Me Tease Me  3:27
Demons Down  I Stand  Stranded In The Middle Of  4:21
Formosa  Bittersweet  Living On A Blade  2:45
Skam  Intravenous  Do It Again  3:24
Lordi  Screem Writers Guild  Thing In The Cage  4:03
SPY # ROW  The New Era  The Girl In Black  3:03
Transworld Identity  Seven Worlds  I’m Such A Liar  3:53
Trench Dogs  Stockholmiana  Shapeshifter  3:35
Shakra  Invincible  The Way It Is  4.37
Wartz  Single  A Sucker Gets Born  2:04
Wisecräcker  Vida En Color  Aluminiumallergie  2:22
Revolution Saints  Eagle Flight  Crime Of The Century  3:54
The 69 Eyes  Death Of Darkness  Call Me Snake  3:36
M.Karlssons Free Fall  Hunt The Flame  Holy Ground  2:24


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Formosa  Bittersweet  Burning Desire  3:00
All For Metal  Legends  Fury Of The Gods  3:27
Mystic Prophecy  Hellriot  Hellriot  3:17
Elvenking  Reader Of The Runes  Bride of Night  3:47
Red Rum  Book Of Legend  Drunken Pirates  3:54
Red Rum  Book Of Legend  Drunk And Disorderly  2:52
Powerwolf  Interludium  No Prayer At Midnight  3:32
LA Guns  Black Diamonds  Shattered Glass  3:15
Mecca  Evelasting  The Mistakes We Make  2:50
Lordi  Screem Writers Guild  Inhumanoid  3:33
Tarchon Fist  The Flame Still Burns  Soldiers In White  3:46
Black Hawk  Soulkeeper  Bullet  3:02
Lost Circus  Lost Circus  Broken Shadows  3:04
Ashrain  Requiem Reloaded  Break Through The Fire  3:28
Archon Angel  II  Fortress  2:38