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Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
CobraKill  Serpent’s Kiss  Same Ol‘ Nasty Rock N‘ Roll  3:31
These Wicked Rivers  Force Of Nature  Force Of Nature  3:43
Oz Hawe Petersson´s Rendezvous  Oz Hawe Petersson´s Rendezvous  Midnight Lady  2:57
Drunken Swallows  Im Namen des Wahnsinns  Im Namen des Wahnsinns  2:54
Crazy Lixx  Two Shots At Glory  Two Shots At Glory  3:26
Crazy Lixx  Two Shots At Glory  Church Of Rock  3:59
Revolution Saints  Against The Winds  Been Said And Done  3:03
Cave  Out Of The Cave  Send For My Soul  3:38
Skullboogey  Dity Bones Rolling  Lonesome Tonight  3:28
Grenzenlos  10 Jahre AntiXtrem  Deutschrock stirbt nie  2:50
Eizbrand  Verbrennungen 3. Grades  Ehrlich währt am längsten  3:16
Lionheart  The Grace Of  A Dragonfly  Little Ships  3:13
MIC  The Best Of  Sit On You  2:52
Face The Legacy  Ashes On The Ground  Straight Down To Hell  2:32
Sonata Arctica  Clear Cold Beyond  First In Line  4:23


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Smoking Snakes  Danger Zone  Rocking To The Morning Light  2:31
Max Boogie Overdrive  Stoned Again  Suffer Sister  2:50
King Zebra  Between The Shadows  Dina  4:34
Neon Rider  Destination Unknown  Riders Of The Night  4:12
Cold Years  A Different Life  Roll With It  3:33
Blackout Problems  Riot  DNA  3:35
Ace Frehley  10.000 Volts  Fightin’ For Life  3:04
Ace Frehley  10.000 Volts  Blinded  3:59
Takida  The Agony Flame  The Loneliest Hour  3:36
Johnny Kantor  Single  Everybody’s Good Lookin  3:38
Sunday Factory  Sleepless  Ready To Let Go  3:14
Bodyguerra  Invictus  Troublemaker  4:21
The Sixsters  To Be Continued  Feels  3:45
Vanden Plas  The Empyrean Equation Of The Long Lost Things  My Icarian Flight  4:18


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Alterium  Of War And Flames  Drag Me To Hell  2:54
Cave  Out Of The Cave  New Found King  3:41
Ivanhoe  Healed By The Sun  One Ticket To Paradise  3:08
Hot Water Music  Vows  Menace  3:17
Firewind  Stand United  Chains  4:34
Firewind  Stand United  Fallen Angel  3:26
Masterplan  Single  Rise Again  3:33
Bloodbound  The Tales Of Nosferatu Two Decades Of Blood  The Warlock’s Trail  4:16
The Gems  Phoenix  Queens  2:57
Black Rain  HotRock Time Machine  Revolution  3:55
Reach  Prophecy  Save The World  3:21
Shade  Single  Break Out  2:35
Voyager X  Magic  Janus Face  4:29
Traveler  Prequel To Madness  Dark Skull  3:41
Max Boogie  Overdrive Stoned Again  Van Boogie  0:34


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Crazy Lixx  Two Shots At Glory  Ain’t No Rest In Rock N‘ Roll  4:01
Hunter  Rock’n  Roll V.I.P.  Who Needs The Devil  3:27
Petro Bob Dee  Violetta  Voices In My Head  3:32
Cruzh  The Jungle Revolution  Angel Dust  4:07
Woodship  Single  Have You Heard Of This?  3:09
Lipz  Changing The Melody  Bang Bang  2:57
These Wicked Rivers  Force Of Nature  The Family  3:10
These Wicked Rivers  Force Of Nature  Black Gold  3:32
Sunday Factory  Sleepless  A New Start  3:32
Sunday Factory  Interview  Interview  6:54
Ellis Mano Band  Live: Access All Areas  The Horrible Truth  3:32
Bruce Dickinson  The Mandrake Project  Fingers In The Wounds  3:25
Peter Wilson  Freedom’s Door  Move Closewr  3:10
Sahaji  Tell Me All Y.Feelings  Tell Me All Your Feelings  2:29