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Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Tony Mitchell  Radio Heartbeat  Keep The Love Alive  4:04
Showdown  Feel The Heat  I Ain´t Here For Love  2:44
Bei Bedarf  10 Jahre in 30 Minuten  Keine Zweifel  2:31
Starscream  Shatter The Sky  Shatter The Sky  3:55
Seraina Telli  Addicted To Color  Hit Shit  3:08
Seraina Telli  Addicted To Color  Song For The Girls  3:00
Cyhra  The Vertigo Trigger  Life Is A Hurricane  3:05
Neurotox  Echt  Wir sind mehr  3:31
Primal Fear  Code Red  Another Hero  4:53
Joel Hoekstra’s 13  Crash Of Life  I Would Cry For Love  3:52
Edge Of Paradise  Hologram  Basilisk  3:36
Midnight City  In At The Deep End  Raise The Dead  3:48
Robledo  Broken Soul  Real World  3:28
Velvet Insane  High Heeled Monster  Damage Control  3:19
Jason Charles Miller  Cards On The Table  The River  2:02


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Ron Coolen & Keith St John  Single  Heavy Metal Till I’m Dead  4:09
Asmodean  Single  Zooethic  3:48
Induction  Single  A Call Beyond  4:37
Blacklist Union  Single  Letters From The Psych Ward  3:10
Revoltons  Celestial Violence  Generation Mask  4:53
Iron Savior  Firestar  Firestar  5:01
Withering Scorn  Prophets Of Demise  Dark Reflection  3:39
Scar Symmetry  The Singularity  Overworld  3:51
Mortician  40 Years Of Metal  Old Lady  4:23
Chris Boltendahl’s Steelhammer  Reborn In Flames  Beyond the Black Souls  3:48
Velvet Viper  Single  Invisible Danger  5:04
Formuar 400  Single  Stardust  1:48


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Airstrike  Red Born Reborn  Rollin  4:00
Phil Campell & The Bastard Sons  Kings Of The Asylum  Schizophrenia  3:17
Rozario  Single  To The Gods We Swear  4:12
Doro  Conqueress  Time For Justice  3:01
Attic Stories  Single  Oh Little Boy  3:00
Liverbox  The Great Spirit Of R´R  Whiskey Trails  4:16
Liverbox  The Great Spirit Of R´R  Inside Outside  3:26
Metalite  Expedition One  Disciples Of The Stars  4:20
Scream Maker  Land Of Fire  Can’t Stop The Rain  3:53
Deaf Rat  Single  Schizophrenic Part Of Me  3:31
Houston  Re-Launch III  Live Forever  3:24
All Hallow‘s Evil  Coven  The Promise Of The Night  2:58
Projekt JU  Neuland  Folge der Zahl  4:30


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Breforth  Metal In My Heart  Need More Rock’n Roll  3:34
Vendetta Love  Single  On & On  3:12
The Black Skeleton  Single  The Snake  3:29
Atlas  Built To Last  All Or Nothing  3:51
Degreed  Public Address  Free Again  3:16
Degreed  Public Address  Who Are You  3:51
Amaranthe  Single  Damnation Flame  3:23
Robledo  Broken Soul  Fire  4:01
Gardner & James  No Strings  Into The Night  3:28
West Alley  A Night To Remember  Miracles Can Happen  4:23
Stray Gods  Olympus  Angels Of Light  4:55
Kissin Black  Single  Veleno  2:55
Furies  Single  Rise And Shine  3:48
Ultra Violence  Single  Bottom Of The Glass  2:02


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Liverbox  The Great Spirit Of R&R  Rock’n’Roll Is My Religion  3:59
Vambo  II  Worlds Collide  3:23
Twisted Rose  Single  Wanted  3:04
Neurotox  Echt  Auf gute Fremde  3:25
Interview mit  Bernd Pohling zur  Hamburger Plattenbörse  3:04
Cathalepsy  Blood And Steel  Heavy Metal Faith  3:41
Tailgunner  Guns Fore Hire  Blood For Blood  3:38
Itchy  Dive  Dive  2:48
Itchy  Dive  No One’s Listening  3:09
Mascat  Turn It Up  Turn It Up  3:01
Takida  Single  The Loneliest Hour  3:35
Midnight Phantom  Murder On 42nd Street  Peacemaker  4:10
Aurora By Noon  Black Crosses In The Sun  Under Pressure  3:12
Bei Befarf  10 Jahre in 30 Minuten  Chemiebaukasten  2:37
Airstrike  Red Born Reborn  I Wanna Rock  2:29
Stonetrip  Single  I Am Tomorrow  0:56