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Strider  Single  Into Glory Stride  4:15
The Big Deal  First Bite  In The Dead Of The Night  3:00
Skull Fist  Paid In Full  Madman  3:26
Jorn Lande  Over The Horizon-Radar  Over The Horizon-Radar  5:04
Balls Gone Wild  Stay Wild  Twist Of Fate Balls  3:23
Balls Gone Wild  Stay Wild  Masked City  2:52
BlackBeer  Take The Freedom  Take The Freedom  3:02
Lion´s Share  Single  Throne Of Steel  4:18
Anvil  Impact Is Imminent  Ghost Shadow  3:03
Molotov Train  Single  K.T.K  4:25
Chaos Magic  Emerge  In The Depths Of The Night  3:34
Last Temptation  Fuel For My Soul  Main Attraction  4:00
October Thorns  Circle Game  Sounds Of Life  3:50
Adamantis  The Daemon’s Strain  Storm The Walls  2:45

Band:  Album:  Title:  Time:


Reckless  T.M.T.T.80  Rock Hard  4:50
The 69 Eyes  Single  Drive  3:14
No Trigger  Acid Lord  Antifantasy  2:47
The Chase  Not The F*cking Game  Live To Die  2:40
Bloody Heels  Rotten Romance  Rotten Romance  3:38
Cold Years  Goodbye To Misery  Britain Is Dead  2:56
Cold Years  Goodbye To Misery  Wasting Away  3:00
Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts  Mission  Razor Tongue  3:28
Cellar Stone  Rise & Fall  Borrowed Time  3:28
Shiloblaengare  Golden Book of Rock  Heal Me  3:45
Michael Monroe  I Live Too Fast To Die  Murder The Summer Of Love  3:26
Graham Bonnet Band  Day Out In Nowhere  Brave New World  3:14
Andy Brings & Band  Süden  Armee Der Maedchen  3:28
Bodyguerra  Fire & Soul  Out Of Control  4:28
Gräce  Hope  Atomic Heart  2:15


BlackBeer  Take The Freedom  The Night Is Ready  3:41
Supreme Unbeing  Enduring Physicality   Deliverance Or Salvation  4:22
Starchaser  Starchaser  Battleship  3:28
Face The Legacy’s  Ashes On The Ground  Unbreakable Chains  3:32
Sinner  Brotherhood  Bulletproof  3:54
Devil’s Train  Ashes & Bones  Smell Sex Tonight  3:01
Devil’s Train  Ashes & Bones  More  4:01
Helloween  Single  Best Time  3:26
Avantasia  A Paranormal Evening  The Wicked Rule The Night  4:16
Symphonity  Marco Polo: The Metal  I Found My Way Back Home  4:24
Midas  Midas  Golden Chariots  4:01
Axel Rudi Pell  Lost XXIII  Survive  4:50
Pist.on  Cold World  Cold World  3:21
Jani Liimatainen  My Father’s Son  All Dreams Are Born  0:48

Band:  Album:  Title:  Time:


Deraps  Deraps  Sex Drugs & Rock N‘ Roll  3:32
Donna Cannone  Donna Cannone  Cross The Line  3:22
Infidus  Endless Greed  Beyond The Plimsoll Mark  4:06
The Hollywood Stars  Single  Will The Lights Go On Again?  3:19
Skills  Different Worlds  Blame It On The Night  3:03
Sideburn  Fired Up  Restless Call  3:20
Sideburn  Fired Up  Free Ride  3:20
Anger  Single  June 101  3:32
Java Kickback  Shadow Of A Papermill  OddSoul  4:08
Nova Luna  Nova Vita  Over Machines  3:44
SiN69  SiN69  Angels Cryin  3:21
Little Bihlman  Legend Of Hipster  Shine On  3:15
Dark Princess  Phoenix  My Shadow Self  2:55
Winter  Looking Back  We Wear Black  3:48
Claymorean  New Age Of Steel Vol.1  Hunter Of The Damned  2:05