Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Girlschool  WTFortyfive?  Are You Ready?  3:07
Backstreet Girls  In Lust We Trust  Boogie Woman  2:10
Bonafide  Are You Listening?  Hero To Zero  3:28
The O’Reillys & The Paddyhats  Wake The Rebels  Through The Storm  2:33
Foghat  Sonic Mojo  Let Me Love You Baby  3:31
Thundermother  Single  I Left My License In The Future  3:15
Seraina Telli  Addicted To Color  Song For The Girls  3:00
Kardang  Rizky Biznizz  Hey Everybody  2:35
33 RPM  Nen Scheiss muss ich  Tanz mit mir  3:18
Macsat  Turn It Up  Young At Heart  2:17
Twisted Rose  Cherry Tales  Back To The Old Days  3:00
The Sensitives  Patch It Up An Go  Leaving Tonight  2:48
Liverbox  The Great Spirit Of Rock´N´Roll  Inside Outside  3:26
The Baboon Show  God Bless You All  Have A Party With Me  2:47
Fronzen Land  Out Of The Dark!  Senorita!  4:14
Dictator Ship  Electric Jihad  And Then I Heard About The Groove  2:18
The Boss Hoss  Electric Horsemen  Electric Horsemen  1:03
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Velveteen Queen  Single  Take Me Higher  3:53
Palace Of The King  Friends In Low Places  Tear It Down  3:51
The Sensitives  Patch It Up An Go  Patch It Up An Go  3:32
Dust Bolt  Sound & Fury  Burning Pieces  3:16
Mando Diao  Soundtrack  Get Down  3:07
Filistines  Free  Honey Bunny  3:16
Temple Balls  Avalanche  Lonely Stranger  3:34
Temple Balls  Avalanche  Strike Like A Cobra  3:24
Leto  Leben und tot  Süchtig nach allem  2:43
Reach  Single  Little Dreams  2:57
Spidergawd  VII  Afterburner  3:47
HumanKind  An End Once & For All  Dead Girl Walking  3:38
Say It  One And Again  I Believe  3:08
Corners Of Sanctuary  Merry Metal Xmas X  Get On The List  2:00
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Axenstar  Chapter VIII  The Flame Of Victory  3:50
Firewind  Stand United  Destiny Is Calling  3:39
Bad Wolves  Die About It  Hungry For Life  3:16
Skiltron  Bruadarach  Haste Ye Back  3:30
Bonafide  Are You Listening  Dealt A Bad Hand  2:51
Bonafide  Are You Listening  Who¬¥s The Boss  2:09
Lord Of The Lost  Weapons Of Mass Seduction  Shock To The System  3:36
Voodoo Circle  15 Years Of Voodoo  Sweet Devotion  4:52
The Gems  Phoenix  P.S.Y.C.H.O  3:00
Angra  Cycles Of Pain  Gods Of The World  4:25
Sons Of Eternity  End Of Silence  Media Zombies  3:28
Flames Of Fire  Our Blessed Hope  Alpha And Omega  3:59
Starchild  Magic Well  At The End Of The Rainbow  3:43
Furies Single Poisoned 03:21
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Emil Sigfridsson  Back To Yesterday  We’re Gonna Rock Tonight  4:06
Blacklist Union  Letters From The Psych Ward  Velvet Girl  3:37
Dymytry  Single  Enemy List  4:29
SoleDriver  Return Me To Light  To Be Saved  3:38
Steel Rhino  In Rhino We Trust  Stand Up And Shout  4:04
Steel Rhino  In Rhino We Trust  Ingnoring Gravity  3:58
The Rods  Rattle The Cage  Rattle The Cage  4:19
Sons Of Eternity  End Of Silence  In Silence  4:36
Voyager X  Magic  Janus Face  4:16
Gypsy Pistoleros  Duende A Go Go Loco  Like Tears In The Rain  3:03
Dirty Honey  Can’t Find The Brakes  Won’t Take Me Alive  3:29
Hitten  While Passion Lasts  While Passion Lasts  3:17
Lutharo  Single  Born To Ride  3:30
Band:   Album:
Steelwing  Still Rising
Bleeding Deacons  California Hard
Diamondback  American
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes  Sticky
Iron Allies  Blood In Blood Out
Dead Memory  Awake
It’sAlie  Emopshere
John Cooper Lawton  Mamonama On The Rocks
Sorrow & The Spire  Sorrow & The Spire
Tragik  Cry For Love
Gothminister  Pandemonium
Them Guns  Single
Elephant Takedown  Duck and Cover
Hellsingland Underground  Endless Optimism
Lars Eric Mattsson  Single
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
About Us  About Us  Rock On Top  3:34
Al Stone  Boundaries  Cosmic Mate  2:52
Chuck W.Chapman  Burn It Down  Drowning In These Tears  4:16
Molotov Train  Single  Worlds Together  4:19
Avantasia  A Paranormal Evening  I Tame The Storm  3:46
Freternia  The Final Stand  Hate Eater  3:55
The Gäs  Bad News  No Hard Shoulder  3:25
Leather Boys  Born In The Seventies  Flower Power  2:37
Rileys La Guns  Single  Overdrive  3:47
SirGibson  Elder Time  Claire  2:58
Black Paisley  Human Nature  Silent Asylum  3:45
As Everything Unfolds  Single  Felt Like Home  3:21
The Roads  Simple Man  Avalanche  3:33
Autograph  Beyond  Run For Your Life  3:56
Nathan Evans  Wellermann  Drunken Sailor  1:45
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Rule Of Two  Pharaohmoans  Metal Man  4:10
Freternia  The Final Stand  Dark And The Light  3:56
Kings Of Chaos  Single  Judgement Day  3:26
Blue Ruin  Hooligans Happy Hour  Cha La Head Cha La  3:08
Sorrow & The Spire  Sorrow & The Spire  My Misery Calling  3:18
Overdrivers  Rockin Hill  She´s On Her Period  2:24
Strider  Into Glory Stride  The Elite Of Steel  3:30
The Three Sum  Kingdom Fall  Long Live The King  3:36
Enemy Of Eyes  Historys Hand  Here We Are  3:40
Spitfire MkIII  Shadows P.Nightmares  Despair  2:48
The Pinx  The Pinx  Hands Out  3:17
96 Bitter Beings  Synergy Restored  Fire Skyline  3:09
Black Hornet  Remove Before Flight  Driving Home  2:58
Ox  State Of Change  Darkest Days  3:43
Oversense  Egomania  Fire  3:31
Autograph  Beyond  Flying High  1:09
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
The 69 Eyes  Single  Gotta Rock  3:42
Blue Ruin  Hooligans Happy Hour  Huntress  2:40
Bonfire  Single  Freedom Is My Belief  3:56
Drown Again  Emerge  End Begin Again  4:12
Satan Takes A Holiday  Single  Feel My Love  3:47
Chuck W.Chapman  Burn It Down  Sadie Hawkins Slam Dance  2:00
Ernte 77  Single  Wer feiern kann  2:30
The Prinx  Single  Break Your Heart  3:44
Richy Nix  Single  Without You  2:34
Black Paisley  Human Nature  Hard Times  3:32
Bad Sister  Where Will You Go  You’re Gone  3:49
The Wrath  Single  Wrong Side  2:25
Stonesilk  Bipolar  Another Place  2:31
No Trigger  Acid Lord  No Tattoos  0:59
Krell  Deserts  Crushing Your Life  3:34
StreetLore  StreetLore  Brothers  4:55
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
House Of Lords  Saints And Sinners  Roll Like Thunder  3:38
The Dead Daisies  Radiance  Face Your Fear  3:59
Eva Under Fire  Love Drugs & Misery  Blow  2:43
Smashed Gladys  Single  What A Shame  3:08
Georgia Thunderbolts  Single  Livin‘ In Muddy Water  3:50
Nordic Hard Rock For Peace  Single  Hellbound Train  4:33
Michael Bormann’s Jaded Heart  Power To Win  Domino  3:36
Michael Bormann´s Jaded Heart  Power To Win  A Step Away From Heaven  3:43
Allen & Olzon  Army Of Dreamers  Out Of Nowhere  4:17
Rage  Spreading The Plague  Spreading The Plague  4:23
Beyond The Black  Single  Is There Anybody Out There  4:23
Drown Again  Emerge  Drown Again  3:14
The Blue Stones  Single  Don´t Miss  3:06
Alicate  Butterfly  Highway  1:30
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
My Own Ghost  Shadow People  Nightdrive  2:52
Our Mirage  Eclipse  Summertown  3:37
Grimner  Urfader  Västerled  4:09
Unchained Horizon  Fallen Kingdom  Stranger  3:46
Terra Atlantica  Beyond The Borders  Hellfire  4:05
Dynazty  Final Advent  Power Of Now  3:27
Dynazty  Final Advent  Power Of Will  3:38
The Erinyes  The Erinyes  My Kiss Goodbye  4:11
5 Finger Death Punch  AfterLife  Pick Up Behind You  2:56
Silent Knight  Full Force  Create A New World  4:41
Midnight Rider  Beyond The Blood Red  Intruder  4:05
Infidel Rising  A Complex Divinity  All This Fear  4:23
Scarlet Dorn  Single  Queen Of Broken Dreams  3:38
King Bull  Conflicting Opinions  Cigarette  1:06
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
The Erinyes  The Erinyes  Death By A Broken Heart  4:15
Ginevra  We Belong To The Stars Siren’s Calling  3:28
Streetlight Circus  Super Fine Sugar  Super Fine Sugar  2:44
The Ruby Tuesdays  Single  She’s Got You  3:01
Jaded Heart  Heart Attack  Heart Attack  3:08
Terra Atlantica  Beyond The Borders  Pirate Bay  3:54
Seraina Telli  Simple Talk  Dreamer  3:10
Seraina Telli  Simple Talk  Modern Warrior  2:58
Ugly Kid Joe  Rad Wings Of Destiny  Dead Friends Play  3:30
The Bloodshots  Single  She Likes To Dance  2:12
Raider  Runaway  Memories  3:28
White Skies  Black Tide  What You Know About Love  3:35
Finnegan’s Hell  One Finger Salute  One Finger Salute  1:48
My Own Ghost  Shadow People  Dark River  3:33
MIC  Single  Miles Away  2:52
C.O.P II  Enemy  Fighting Your Ghost  2:40
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Cold Drop  Cold Drop  Whats Make The World  4:07
Indecent Behavior  Single  I Love Goodbyes  2:52
Stranger Vision  Wasteland  Desolate Sea  3:54
Allen & Olzon  Army Of Dreamers  Army Of Dreamers  4:02
Ugly Kid Joe  Rad Wings Of Destiny  That Ain´t Livin  4:06
Streetlight Circus  Super Fine Sugar  Take Me To The River  2:40
Orianthi  Rock Candy  Light It Up  3:46
Tyler Leads  Single  Stone Crusher  3:53
Jaded Heart  Heart Attack  Sweet Sensation  3:37
Black Nazareth  Black Nazareth  Rivers Run Deep  3:53
Elysium  The Ocean Of Time  The Mirror Maze  4:09
Stryper  Single  See No Evil  4:31
Even Flow  Mediterraneo  Ray Of Light  4:00
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Restless Spirits  Second To None  Nothin‘ Dirty Here  4:51
Crowne  Live From Studio Gründahl  Kings In The North  3:47
Pearls & Flames  Reliance  Secret Love  3:54
The Retaliators  Motion Picture Soundtrack  The Retaliators Theme  4:00
Lessmann & Voss  Rock Is Our Religion  Rock Is Our Religion  3:52
Spellbook  Deadly Charms  Goddess  4:26
Santa Crux  The Return Of The Kings  Shots  3:18
Santa Crux  The Return Of The Kings  Another Round  3:02
Scott Van Zen  Trouble  Who´s Your Devil?  4:30
Dream Demon  Single  Wasted Time  3:49
In March  Single  Starting Anew  4:07
Lacrimas Profundere  How To Shroud Yourself With Night  An Invisible Beginning  3:36
Ray Gilman  Think For Yourself  Evolution Revolution  3:34
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Nordic Union  Animalistic  King For A Day  2:45
Induction  Single  Queen Of Light  4:19
Love In Chains  Everyday Heroes  Locked And Loaded  2:46
Molotov Train  Single  K.T.K.  4:04
Sunstorm  Brothers In Arms  Lost In The Shadows Of Love  3:15
Blind Guardian  The God Machine  Blood Of The Elves  4:27
Blind Guardian  The God Machine  Let It Be No More  4:12
Sator  Return Of The Barbie-Q-Killers  Do The Fast  2:23
Splintered Throne  The Greater Good  The Greater Good Of Man  3:49
Dark Forest  Ridge & Furrow  Under The Greenwood Tree  4:03
Stormhunter  Strangle With Care  Paralyzed  3:49
The Three Sum  Kingdom Fall  Kingdom Fall  3:16
Dead Memory  Single  Dance In Flames  3:50
Vante  Vante  Why Is It So Cold  4:00
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Nasty Reputation  After All It`s Rock n Roll  After All It`s Rock n Roll  3:43
Hartmann  Get Over It  What Yoou Give Is What  3:17
Armagelion  Single  Playing With Fire  3:10
Intelligent Music Project  Unconditioned  Intention  3:20
Mentalist  Empires Falling  If You Really Want  3:25
Phil Vincent  No Respect  Since I Lost You  3:08
King Bull  Single  I Hate Waiting  3:08
Crosson  Ready Aim Rock  Take On The World  3:56
Talco  Videogame  Muro Di Plastica  3:28
Steelover  Stainless  Give It Up  3:52
LoveLike Violence  Single  Zombie  2:43
Hydra  Point Break  Stop The Madness  4:17
LeBrock  Single  Running Wild  3:03
Generation Radio  Generation Radio  Why Are You Calling Me Now  3:38
5 Finger Death Punch  AfterLife  Times Like These  2:43
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Armagelion  Single  Welcome To The Show  3:30
Love In Chains  Everyday Heroes  Love Gun  3:34
Gathering Of Kings  Enigmatic  How The Mighty Have Fallen  4:07
Mad Max  Wings Of Time  The Stage Is For You  3:53
Lessmann &Voss  Rock Is Our Religion  Medicine Man  3:41
Alestorm  Seventh Rum Of A S.Rum  P.A.R.T.Y.  3:18
Alestorm  Seventh Rum Of A S.Rum  Seventh Rum Of A S.Rum  3:18
Sunstorm  Brothers In Arms  Brothers In Arms  4:34
Steelover  Stainless  Need The Heat  3:56
Vogelfrey  Titaniaum  Nicht A  3:43
Nasty Reputation  After All It`s Rock n Roll  Wild At Heart  2:36
Blacktoothed  Juli  If You Wanna Say  3:28
Bad Baron  Ace Of Hearts  Lights Go Out  3:48
Restless Spirits  Second To None  Need A Lil‘ White Lie  3:02
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Mentalist  Empires Falling  Heavy Metal Leia  3:45
Dynazty  Final Advent  Natural Born Killer  3:20
Beyond The Black  Single  Reincarnation  3:57
Fight The Fade  Apophysitis  Stratosphere  3:08
Lugnet  Tales From The Great  Eaten Alive  2:36
Nordic Union  Animalistic  If I Could Fly  3:21
Tyrant  Single  Poison The Well  4:16
Tad Morose  March Of The Obsequious  A Trail Of Sins  3:25
Taboo  Taboo  Flames  4:07
Ibridoma  Norimberga  Woman From The Stars  3:10
Cold Drop  Single  All Night Baby  3:14
Kaledon  Legend Of The Forgotten  The Dawn Of Dawns  5:28
Szabotage  Six Pack  Channeling  2:32
Fear Not  Fields Of Sorrow  Fields Of Sorrow  3:10
Resistance  Skulls Of My Enemy  Metallium  1:45
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Razzmattazz  Hallelujah  Crazy For Rock And Roll  3:21
The Hellacopters  Single  Circus  4:35
Mick White  Something’s Got To Give  You Poisoned My Love  3:01
Speed Stroke  Scene Of The Crime  Out Of Money  2:30
V8 Wankers  Party Round The Clock  Fake Flight  3:15
Venus 5  Venus 5  Lioness  3:13
CoreLeoni  III  Guilty Under Pressure  3:38
CoreLeoni  III  Sick & Tired  3:18
Bloody Heels  Rotten Romance  Mirror Mirror  2:59
The Now  The Truth Always Comes  This Town  2:15
Kneipenterroristen  Hart  Zart Unverzerrt  Komm Mit Uns  3:23
Lessmann+Voss  Rock Is Our Religion  Smoke Without A Fire  4:06
American Jetset  Cat’s Got Your Tongue  Bombs Away  3:07
Scar For Life  Sociophobia  Don’t Stand In My Way  3:37
Dream Legacy  Once In A Lifetime  Set Me Free  3:00
Wayward Sons  Score Settled  Radio Denial  2:00

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Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
The Big Deal  First Bite  Power On  2:53
Lazarus Dream  Lifeline  Overdose  3:48
Black Rose UK  WTF  Never Take Me Alive  4:28
Signum Regis  Beyond The Storm  Given Up For Lost  3:59
Primal Fear  Primal Fear  Chainbreaker  4:06
Mädhouse  Down’n’Dirty  Down’n’Dirty  3:23
Mädhouse  Down’n’Dirty  Much II Much  3:43
Last Temptation  Fuel For My Soul  Stronger Than Fate  3:49
Wallner Vain  Duel  Deceive Her  3:55
Unherz  Sinnkrise  Steck den Kopf nicht in den Sand  4:22
Torch  Live Fire  Thunderstruck  3:58
Ironflame  Where Madness Dwells  Ready To Strike  3:43
Mob Rules  Single  Sacred Heart  5:15
Band   Album:   Title:   Time:
Andy Brinks  Süden  Rock ‚N‘ Roll  3:18
Donna Cannone  Donna Cannone  Look Around You  2:52
Cellar Stone  Rise & Fall  Run Away  4:26
Drive At Night  Echoes Of An Era  Wild In The Streets  3:26
Chemia  Something To Believe  Modern Times  4:18
Mother Mersy  From Above  Attention  3:11
Reef  Shoot Me Your Ace  Best Of Me  3:20
The Boppers  White Lightning  Motorbikin  3:16
Vypera  Eat Your Heart Out  Standing On The Edge  3:49
Vypera  Eat Your Heart Out  Rock N‘ Roll  2:50
Speed Stroke  Scene Of The Crime  Soul Punx  2:40
Ousey & Mann  Is Anybody Listening I´ll Tell You When To Stop  4:09
Terra Nova  Ring That Bell  What’s Broken Can Be  2:58
Villain Of The Story  Divided  Don´t Go  3:12
Hounds Of Thyra  Single  Ghost Harbor  2:15
Hit The Ground Runnin  Lost In Translation  Second Chance  0:45
Strider  Single  Into Glory Stride  4:15
The Big Deal  First Bite  In The Dead Of The Night  3:00
Skull Fist  Paid In Full  Madman  3:26
Jorn Lande  Over The Horizon-Radar  Over The Horizon-Radar  5:04
Balls Gone Wild  Stay Wild  Twist Of Fate Balls  3:23
Balls Gone Wild  Stay Wild  Masked City  2:52
BlackBeer  Take The Freedom  Take The Freedom  3:02
Lion´s Share  Single  Throne Of Steel  4:18
Anvil  Impact Is Imminent  Ghost Shadow  3:03
Molotov Train  Single  K.T.K  4:25
Chaos Magic  Emerge  In The Depths Of The Night  3:34
Last Temptation  Fuel For My Soul  Main Attraction  4:00
October Thorns  Circle Game  Sounds Of Life  3:50
Adamantis  The Daemon’s Strain  Storm The Walls  2:45

Band:  Album:  Title:  Time:

Reckless  T.M.T.T.80  Rock Hard  4:50
The 69 Eyes  Single  Drive  3:14
No Trigger  Acid Lord  Antifantasy  2:47
The Chase  Not The F*cking Game  Live To Die  2:40
Bloody Heels  Rotten Romance  Rotten Romance  3:38
Cold Years  Goodbye To Misery  Britain Is Dead  2:56
Cold Years  Goodbye To Misery  Wasting Away  3:00
Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts  Mission  Razor Tongue  3:28
Cellar Stone  Rise & Fall  Borrowed Time  3:28
Shiloblaengare  Golden Book of Rock  Heal Me  3:45
Michael Monroe  I Live Too Fast To Die  Murder The Summer Of Love  3:26
Graham Bonnet Band  Day Out In Nowhere  Brave New World  3:14
Andy Brings & Band  Süden  Armee Der Maedchen  3:28
Bodyguerra  Fire & Soul  Out Of Control  4:28
Gräce  Hope  Atomic Heart  2:15
BlackBeer  Take The Freedom  The Night Is Ready  3:41
Supreme Unbeing  Enduring Physicality  Deliverance Or Salvation  4:22
Starchaser  Starchaser  Battleship  3:28
Face The Legacy’s  Ashes On The Ground  Unbreakable Chains  3:32
Sinner  Brotherhood  Bulletproof  3:54
Devil’s Train  Ashes & Bones  Smell Sex Tonight  3:01
Devil’s Train  Ashes & Bones  More  4:01
Helloween  Single  Best Time  3:26
Avantasia  A Paranormal Evening  The Wicked Rule The Night  4:16
Symphonity  Marco Polo: The Metal  I Found My Way Back Home  4:24
Midas  Midas  Golden Chariots  4:01
Axel Rudi Pell  Lost XXIII  Survive  4:50
Pist.on  Cold World  Cold World  3:21
Jani Liimatainen  My Father’s Son  All Dreams Are Born  0:48

Band:  Album:  Title:  Time:

Deraps  Deraps  Sex Drugs & Rock N‘ Roll  3:32
Donna Cannone  Donna Cannone  Cross The Line  3:22
Infidus  Endless Greed  Beyond The Plimsoll Mark  4:06
The Hollywood Stars  Single  Will The Lights Go On Again?  3:19
Skills  Different Worlds  Blame It On The Night  3:03
Sideburn  Fired Up  Restless Call  3:20
Sideburn  Fired Up  Free Ride  3:20
Anger  Single  June 101  3:32
Java Kickback  Shadow Of A Papermill  OddSoul  4:08
Nova Luna  Nova Vita  Over Machines  3:44
SiN69  SiN69  Angels Cryin  3:21
Little Bihlman  Legend Of Hipster  Shine On  3:15
Dark Princess  Phoenix  My Shadow Self  2:55
Winter  Looking Back  We Wear Black  3:48
Claymorean  New Age Of Steel Vol.1  Hunter Of The Damned  2:05


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Deraps  Deraps  Sex Drugs & Rock N‘ Roll  4:24
Thundermother  Black And Gold  Watch Out  3:09
Sideburn  Fired Up  Feel The Heat  2:28
Iconic  Second Skin  Nowhere To Run  4:00
Talco  Videogame  Papel  2:23
Papa Roach  Ego Trip   Always Wandering  2:24
Capricorn  For The Restless  Self Pity  2:48
Days Of Wine  Days Of Wine  Days Of Wine  3:30
Phantom Spell   NewAge Of Steel Vol.1  Keep On Running  4:03
Midas  Midas  Nobody Gets Out Alive  4:42
Lonerider  Sundown  Wild River  3:40
SiN69  SiN69  Around The World  3:27
Stinger  Expect The Unexpected  Roller Coaster  3:18
G.Bonnet Band  Day Out In Nowhere  Imposter  3:29
NoseBeers  Bender  Bender  2:51
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Circle Of Silence  Walk Through Hell  Triumph Over Tragedy  4:34
Lords Of The Trident  The Offering  Charlatan  3:59
Kill Strings  Single  Let Me Dream  3:27
Snow White Blood  Single  Emperor’s New Clothes  2:49
Powerwolf  Single  Sainted By The Storm  3:37
5 Finger Death Punch  Single  AfterLife  3:43
UDO  My Way  Hell Raiser  3:14
UDO  My Way  Fire  3:07
Temple Balls  Single  Strike Like A Cobra  3:20
Radiant  Written By Life  Stand That Fight  3:22
Radiant  Written By Life  Don’t Stop The Daydream  3:31
MSG  Universal  A King Has Gone  4:49
Kramp   NewAge Of Steel Vol.1  Speed Of Light  2:43
Skull Fist  Paid In Full  For The Last Time  3:50


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts  Mission  C’mon C’mon  4:17
Reckless Love  Turborider  Prodigal Sons  3:14
Ronnie Romero  Raised On Radio  All Along The Watchtower  3:16
Stinger  Expect The Unexpected  Highfalutin  3:04
Jeff Scott Soto  Complicated  Love Is The Revolution  3:49
Shameless  So Good You Should  Get Ready  2:50
Shameless  So Good You Should  Eastbound And Down  2:53
Ammotrack  Single  Last Forever  3:33
Square  Strange Affairs  Personal Matter  4:16
Royce  We Can Win  We Can Win  4:04
Wasted  Modern Lie  True Colors  3:09
Poison Rose  Little Bang Theory  Hearts Beat Loud  3:26
Reckless   T.M.T.T.80  Countach  3:53
Lonerider  Sundown  Badlands  3:14
Bobby Stoker  Everglow  Shot In The Dark  1:53
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Monotrone 1 1  4:06
LA Cobra  Single  She’s My Prison  3:25
Saffire  Taming The Hurricane  Taming The Hurricane  3:56
Talco  Videogame  Ames  4:14
Treat  The Endgame  Rabbit Hole  4:02
Crashdiet  Automaton  Shine On  3:27
Crashdiet  Automaton  Resurrection Of The Damned  3:27
Dorothy  Gifts From The Holy  Black Sheep 03:05
Cornerstone  Single  Private Eyes  3:16
D’Ercole  Quantum 8  Swimming Against The Tide  4:03
Lygo  Lygophobie  Für Immer Wach Sein  3:25
MSG  Universal  Emergency  4:45
BRKN Love  Single  Like A Drug  3:29
Galaxy  Runaway Men  Talk To Me  2:36
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Saffire  Taming The Hurricane  Mr. Justified  4:22
Rumours  The Lower We Sink  The Impetuous Glory   4:21
Ronnie Romero  Raised On Radio  No Smoke Without A Fire  4:19
Lords Of The Trident  The Offering  Dance Of Control  4:05
Poison Rose  Little Bang Theory  Devil  3:47
Capricorn  For The Restless  It Aint Me  2:24
Chemia Something To Believe  Bad Romance  3:32 
Space Vacation  White Hot Reflection  Being Evil  3:28
AlleHackbar  In Your Face  Born To Rock  3:04
AlleHackbar  In Your Face  In Your Face  3:15
Firewölfe  A Crack In The Sky   Battle Of The Living Dead  4:04
Aerodyne  Last Days Of Sodom  Razor’s Edge  3:30
Angel Nation  Antares  Out Of Sight Out of Mind  3:51
Infidus  Endless Greed  Multiply & Die  3:25
Band: Album: Title: Time:
Saints Trade  Time To Be Heroes  Born To Do  3:41
Jizzy Pearl  Hell CA  Soul Mama  3:57
D’Ercole  Quantum 8  Hands Of Time  3:48
Rick Altzi  All Eyes On Me  Strangers In The Real World  3:40
Blacktoothed  Juli  You Never Know  3:42
True North  Single  Your Confession  2:42
Java Kickback  The Shadow Of  Headvs Pavement  3:17
Dream Demon  Single  Caught In Suspension  4:02
Treat  The Endgame  Carolina Reaper  3:45
Axel Rudi Pell  Lost XXIII  Down On The Streets  4:45
Flickertrail  Single  Don’t You Let Me  3:11
First Signa  Closer To The Edge  Show Me The Way  3:35
Jesus Or A Gun  Single  Bite  3:03
Capricorn  For The Restless  Long Gone Heroes  2:44
Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs  External Combustion  Dirty Job  1:40
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Lovell´s Blade  Deadly Nightshade  Generator  3:42
3 Foot High  Blood Sweat & Fears  Hit You  3:39
DeVicious  Black Heart  Falling  4:23
Reckless Love  Turborider  Bark At The Moon  4:11
Cold Years  Goodbye To Misery 32  3:33
Jizzy Pearl  Hell CA  Acid Babe  3:48
Sir Reg  Kings Of Sweet Feck  Tosspot City  3:17
Sir Reg  Kings Of Sweet Feck  Sober Up To Drink  2:50
Rick Altzi  All Eyes On Me  Legacy  3:40
NoseBeers  Bender  You Don’t Belong  2:27
Sevi  Single  Hate You  3:03
Royce  We Can Win  Dreams Of The Common Man  3:04
JBO  Planet Pink  Wir Kommen Alle In Die Hölle  2:43
Mike Campbell &The Dirty Knobs  External Combustion  Wicked Mind  3:52
John Elefante  The Amazing Grace  Little Brown Book  2:24
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Annihilator  Metal II  Heavy Metal Maniac  3:55
DeVicious  Black Heart  Liar  3:43
Kingcrown  Wake Up Call  Story Of Mankind  3:36
New Horizon  Gate Of The Gods  Event Horizon  4:11
JBO  Planet Pink  MiMaMetal  3:01
UDO  My Way  We Will Rock You  3:08
Riot Act  Closer To The Flame  Rock City  3:37
Riot Act  Closer To The Flame  Altar Of The King  3:39
Papa Roach  Ego Trip  Cut The Line  3:26
Butterwegge  Butterbande  ungerechtes Paradies  3:10
Death Dealer  Fuel Injected Suicide  Freedom’s Not A Crime  3:57
Sabaton  The War To End All  Lady Of The Dark  2:55
Confidential  Devil Inside  Release My Symphony  4:07
Royal Desolation  Puppet Master  Puppet Dance  2:38
Definition Of Insanity  Hero  Light And Shadow  1:19
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Ghosts Of Sunset  No Saints In The City  Tonight  3:06
Allison  They Never Come Back  Can You Hear Me  4:09
Intelligent Music Project  Single  Intention  2:54
Luzifer  Iron Shackles  Barrow Downs  3:49
Butterwegge  Butterbande  Tanzende Punks   2:54
Rick Altzi  All Eyes On Me  Legacy  3:41
Ronnie Atkins  Make It Count  Blood Cries Out  3:56
Scorpions  Rock Believer  Rock Believer  3:52
Shinning Black  Postcards From The End  Fear and Loathing  3:55
Achelous  The Icewind Chronicles  Flames Of War  4:05
Wasted  Modern Lie  Break You  2:49
Jon Spencer& The Hitmakers  Spencer Gets It Lit  Get It Right Now  2:23
Timeless Haunt  Dark For Life  Sinful Girl  5:41
Strife 85  Single  Death  3:40


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Ohrenfeindt  Krawallgeigensymph.  Zeit für Rock’n’Roll  3:27
Hell In The Club  Kamikaze  Kamikaze  4:15
Keegan  Daylight Robbery  Say It Sweet  2:45
Lovell’s Blade  Deadly Nightshade  The Cries Go Unheard  3:48
Scorpions  Rock Believer  When I Lay My Bones To Rest  3:05
Epic  Starlight  I Want  3:48
San Quentin  Single  Crossed The Line  3:05
Rust n‘ Rage  One For The Road  Hang ‚em High  2:48
Circle Of Friends  The Garden  Little Peace Of Heaven  4:25
Circle Of Friends  The Garden  Bad Blood  4:27
Skills  Different Worlds  Stop The World  4:02
Seth Cloe And The Silver Liners  Storm Weathered  No Need To Say Goodbye  3:59
Steve Dalton  Primitive 2020  3:34
Final Stair  Single  End Of Love  2:32


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Degreed  Are You Ready  Are You Ready  3:07
Shamless  So Good You Should  Shout It Out  3:38
Sir Reg  The Kings Of Sweet  The Kings Of Sweet Feck All  3:39
Manic Sinners  King Of The Badlands  Under The Gun  4:51
Slash 4  Call Off The Dogs  3:11
The Now  Single  Holy  2:58
Epic  Starlight  I Want  3:58
Kissin‘ Dynamite  Not The End On The Road  What Goes Up  3:36
Sign X  Back To Eden  Frozen Hell  3:32
Sign X  Back To Eden  History Will Tell  4:06
Guitar Gangsters  Fortune Favours  Fortune Favours The Brave  3:40
GATC  Hail To The Heroes  Clearing The Blur  3:40
Allison  They Never Come Back  Edge Of Golden Days  3:27
Saints Trade  The Golden Cage  Casino Royale  3:11


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
The Baboon Show  Oddball  Have A Party With Me  2:49
Guitar Gangsters  Fortune Favours  Insomniac  2:44
The Loyal Cheaters  Long Run All Dead  No Saturday Nites  2:59
Talco  Videogame  Via  2:51
Epic  Starlight  Grooving  For You  3:37
Billy Talent  Crisis Of Faith  Reckless Paradise  3:19
Diamond Dogs  Slap Bang Blue Rende.  Robbed And Ruined  3:13
Cruzados  She’s Automatic  Long Black Car  3:35
GATC  Hail To The Heroes  Primeval Desire  3:46
Sign X  Back To Eden  World On Fire  3:03
Steve Dalton  Primitive  Digital Prison  3:40
Vandroya  Single  The Rover  4:40
Spirits Of Fire  Single  Into The Mirror  4:36
Beyond T.Badlands  The Black Hills Album  Black Hills  3:09
Kneipenterroristen  Hart  Zart  Unverzerrt  KneipenTouristen  2:37


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Flames Of Fire  Flames Of Fire  Flames Of Fire  3:07
Induction  Single  Sacrifice  4:54
Ronnie Atkins  Make It Count  Unsung Heroes  4:02
Simple Lies  Millennial Zombies  Mr. Leg Day  3:26
Rust n‘ Rage  One For The Road  The Future Is For The Strong  3:59
Skull Fist  Paid In Full  Long Live The Fist  3:36
Venus 5  Single  Tom And Ms. Amy Lee  3:57
Knight  & Gallow  For Honor &Bloodshed  Soul Of Cinder  3:19
Stray Gods  Storm The Walls  The World Is A Stage  3:47
Stray Gods  Storm The Walls  Naked In The Fire  3:55
Project Resurrect  False Reality  In The Dream  4:00
Blackslash  No Steel No Future  No Steel No Future  3:56
Grey Attack  Afterworld  Simple Life  3:58
Swedish Magazines  I Wish Life Could Be  You Never Wanted It  0:52


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
X-Plicit  Single  The Party Is Hot  3:41
Preincarnation  Single  Never Ending Game  4:34
Praying Mantis  Katharsis  Ain’t No Rock n Roll  2:45
Kraemer  All The Way  The King Will Come  4:03
The Rasmus  Single  Jezebel  3:02
Freewill  Single  All This Time  3:18
Silverlane  Inside Internal Infinity  Life To Die For  3:39
Zinny Zan  Single  Heartbreak City  3:48
Rizon  Prime Time  Back To The Game  3:29
Rizon  Prime Time  Truth Or Consequences  3:21
Flames Of Fire  Flames Of Fire  Madness  3:43
Dark Heart  Storm Of Emotion  Time To Fly  3:50
Billy Talent  Crisis Of Faith  Judged  1:33
The Neptune Power  Le Demon De L’Amour  My Precious One  2:56
Swedish Magazines  Wish Life Could Be  Ballbag Boogie  2:12
02 / 2022


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Serious Black  Vengeance Is Mine  Rock With Us Tonight  3:51
Power Paladin  With The Magic Of  Evermore  3:34
Re Machined  Brain Dead  Into The Dark  3:24
The Hellacopters  Eyes Of Oblivion  Eyes Of Oblivion  4:16
Spidergward  Sampler  Running Man  3:44
The Ferrymen  One More River  The Other Side  4:09
Silverlane  Inside Internal Infinity  Blessed  4:43
Cold Night Alligators  The Hindsight Notes  No Connections  3:48
Redstacks  Revival Of The Fittest  Dreamworld Junkie  3:05
Felskinn  Enter The Light  SixFiveFour  4:09
Felskinn  Enter The Light  The Saviour Was Born  3:35
Freaks And Clowns  We Set The World On  Children Of The Night  3:01
Eskimo Callboy  Single  Pump It  2:51
Lionesz  Single  Love Is A Lie  2:38




Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
The Quill  Live New Borrowed  Keep On Moving  4:19
Re Machined  Brain Dead  Standing On The Edge  4:25
Sir Reg  The Kings Of Sweet Feck All  Open The Pubs  2:29
Boguslaw Balceraks Crylord  Human Heredity  Thunderbolt  3:52
Ohrenfeindt  Krawallgeigensymphonie  Auf die Fresse ist umsonst  2:59
The Hellacopters  Eyes Of Oblivion  Reap A Hurricane  3:15
Lautstärke  Vom Morgen danach  Lautstärke  2:33
Lautstärke  Vom Morgen danach  Nichts zu verlieren  3:31
Within The Fire  OMP Sampler  Still Burning  3:30
Nite Stinger  Nite Stinger  Saturday Night  3:14
Out Of This World  Out Of This World  Lighting Up My Dark  3:51
Bite The Bullet  End Of The Line  September Sun  3:50
Definition Of Insanity  The Edge Of  The World  Hero  4:02
Leto  Wider  Meins Deins  2:08
Annihilator  Metal II  Romeo Delight  1:40




Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Beyond The Badlands  The Black Hills Album  Rock Hard  3:52
Dark Heart  Storm Of Emotion  Night Won’t Let Me Go  3:30
Voodoma  Hellbound  Hellbound  3:11
JBO  Planet Pink  Planet Pink  4:11
Crystal Ball  Crysteria  Call Of The Wild  3:05
Crystal Ball  Crysteria  I Am Rock  3:13
Battle Beast  Circus Of Doom  Where Angels Fear To Fly  3:48
New Horizon  Gate Of The Gods  Stronger Than Steel  3:39
The Wake Woods  Treselectrica  Electric Boogie  3:35
Various Artists Supersuckers  Back In Black  What Do You Do For  3:51
Andre Sinner  Jung und unerfahren  Lass uns anfangen  1:46
Giant  Shifting Time  Let Your Love Win  3:54
Perfect Plan  Live  Better Walk Alone  4:17
Doll Circus  Eat This!  Wolf Feat Eric13  2:34
Autumns Child  Zenith  Crowdpleaser  0:48




Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Basement Prophecy  Single  Metal Zeit  3:56
Blind Guardian  Single  Deliver Us From Evil  5:17
Edge Of Forever  Seminole  Get Up On Your Feet Again  4:20
Doll Circus  Eat This!  M-A-Nsplanation  3:21
Lordi  Lordiversity  Demon Supreme  3:28
Power Paladin  With The Magic Of  Kraven The Hunter  4:40
The Ferrymen  One More River To  One Word  4:34
Social Disorder  Love 2 Be Hated  Raise A Glass  4:07
Saxon  Carpe Diem  Carpe Diem  4:20
Spitfire  Denial To Fall  Naked Fire  4:12
Rough Grind  Hardened  The Road Song  2:09
Rust N Rage  Single  Heartbreaker  4:21
Blackhearth  The Wrath Of God  Into The Unknown  1:35
01 / 2022
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Existance  Wolf Attack  You Gotta Rock It  4:10
Hairy Groupies  Glamnization  Shiver Down My Spine  2:59
Freaks And Clowns  We Set The World On  Hell Raising Woman  4:12
Diamond Dogs  Slap Bang Blue  Alright Brutus I’m On  2:44
ToxicRose  In For The Kill  In For The Kill  3:23
The Silver Bayonets  Unfolding  Falling  3:52
Komodor  Nasty Habits  Debt City  3:30
Custard  Imperium Rapax  Blood And Sand  3:21
Tristan Harders Twilight Theatre  Drifting Into Insanity  Open The Gates  4:13
Chinawhite  Evolution  Motor Queen  3:48
Lionheart  Second Nature  Give Me The Light  3:48
Harpyie  Blutbann  Liebe auf den ersten Biss  3:32
Ashes Of Ares  Emperors And Fools  What Tomorrow Will Bring  3:33
Mega Colossus  Riptime  Vigilo Confido  3:45



Band Album Title Time
Nite Stinger  Nite Stinger  You Want It You Got It  3:23
Crashdiet  Single  No Man’s Land  3:42
Darker Days  Maniac  Maniac  2:43
Cruzados  She’s Automatic  She’s Automatic  3:25
Reef  Shoot Me Your Ace  Shoot Me Your Ace  3:17
Toxicrose  In For The Kill  Blood on Blood  3:31
The Two Romans  Everything.Now  Try Again  3:15
Tragik  Ultima Ratio  Piece By Piece  4:05
Age Of Wolves  Age Of Wolves  Lil‘ Burner  3:30
Out Of This World  Out Of This World  Hanging On  3:28
Stolen Money  The Game  Hook Up  3:34
Lars Eric Mattsson  The Outsider  Now and Forever  3:55
The Drippers  Scandinavian Thunder  Shit Island Showdown  3:30
Psychoprism  R.I.S.E.  Struggle  3:16
The Ice Cold Killers  Stories From The Grave  You’re Dead To Me  2:15



Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Cormada  Get In To Breakout  The Power Of Rock N Roll  4:06
Save The Noize  Single  Save The Noize  4:17
Kill The Headlights  The Shack  Jetlag Blues  3:40
Hootenanny Freaks  Eyes Of The Warrior  Shadows In Paradise  3:28
Kissin‘ Dynamite  Single  Good Life  4:38
Slash 4  The River Is Rising  3:38
Evol Walks  Single  Gun & A Crucifix  3:44
Faith & Fire  Accelerator  Fallen  4:01
Royal Republic  Single  Back From The Dead  3:02
The Other  Single  Demon Eyes  3:43
Der Butterwegge  Butterbande  Butterbande  3:31
Hayley Jensen  Breakin‘ Hearts  Shot Down  2:40
Antonia aus Tirol  Single  What A Night  3:20
Power Quest  Single  Bound For Glory  3:35



Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Fortress  Don’t Spare The Wicked  Children Of The Night  3:48
Beast In Black  Dark Connection  Hardcore  3:29
Coronatus  Atmosphere  To The Gods Of Wind & Sun  3:54
Eyes Wide Open  Through Life&Death  Burn Em  3:12
Bad Wolves  Dear Monsters  If Tomorrow Never Comes  3:04
Motörhead  Everything Louder  We Are Motörhead  2:20
Motörhead  Everything Louder  No Class  2:35
One Morning Left  Hyperactive  Beat It  3:14
The Unity  The Devil You Know  We Don´t Need Them Here  3:54
Burning Point  Arsonist Of The Soul  Running In The Darkness  3:16
Supreme Unbeing  Single  Face Of Evil  3:19
The Three Tremors  Guardians Of The Void  Crucifier  4:16
Resolve  Single  Seasick Sailor  3:33
Black Label Society  Doom Crew Inc.  Set You Free  3:02
Diplomatic Immunity  Single  Picture Perfect Paradise  3:14
Band   Album:   Title:   Time:
Andy Brinks  Süden  Rock ‚N‘ Roll  3:18
Donna Cannone  Donna Cannone  Look Around You  2:52
Cellar Stone  Rise & Fall  Run Away  4:26
Drive At Night  Echoes Of An Era  Wild In The Streets  3:26
Chemia  Something To Believe  Modern Times  4:18
Mother Mersy  From Above  Attention  3:11
Reef  Shoot Me Your Ace  Best Of Me  3:20
The Boppers  White Lightning  Motorbikin  3:16
Vypera  Eat Your Heart Out  Standing On The Edge  3:49
Vypera  Eat Your Heart Out  Rock N‘ Roll  2:50
Speed Stroke  Scene Of The Crime  Soul Punx  2:40
Ousey & Mann  Is Anybody Listening I´ll Tell You When To Stop  4:09
Terra Nova  Ring That Bell  What’s Broken Can Be  2:58
Villain Of The Story  Divided  Don´t Go  3:12
Hounds Of Thyra  Single  Ghost Harbor  2:15
Hit The Ground Runnin  Lost In Translation  Second Chance  0:45
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Ravenstine 2024  Black Is The Brightest Color  3:58
Firewind  Stand United  Come Undone  4:11
Fifth Note  Here We Are  Here We Are  4:12
Deaf Rat  Single  Say Your Lies  4:11
Elvenking  Single  Prime Evil  3:45
Flames Of Fire  Our Blessed Hope  Prayer Warriors  3:10
Hulkoff  Hersir  Dragon Tattoo  3:02
Skiltron  Bruadarach  Where The Heart Is  3:58
Starchild  Magic Well  The Golden Train  3:34
Templeton Pek  Single  Perfect Storm  3:26
Everdawn  Venera  Century Black  3:10
Silver R.I.S.C  Knot Over  Evil Waves  3:50
Gypsy Pistoleros  Duende A Go Go Loco  Revolution  2:33
Receiver  Whispers Of Lore  Trespasser  2:38
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Atack  Nine Lives  Like ATwister Blowing Through  4:03
Hard Excess  The Nations Dust  The Riders Of The Apocalypse  3:55
Moon Shot  Single  Shadow Boxer  3:48
The Optimist In Me  Single  You Should Smile More Often  3:04
The 355s  Single  Jig A Jig Out  2:41
Ochmoneks  Single  Unbesiegbar  3:35
Stimmgewalt  Eskhatophonia  This Time It’s Personal  3:54
Cassidy Paris  New Sensation  Walking On Fire  3:58
Heart Line  Original Seeds  Front Line  3:05
Rook Road  Rook Road  Tower  3:26
Saffire  Starhunter  Dynamite  4:05
Sunday Factory  Single  Learn To Live Again  4:42
Peter Wilson  Freedom’s Door  Sunshine  3:51
Baggio  Single  Loser  2:52
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Notörious  Marching On  Ten Minutes  2:31
Cobra Spell 666  You’re A Cheater  3:39
Devil’s Train  Single  Superstition  4:05
Korpiklaani  Single  Gotta Go Home  3:10
Palace Of The King  Single  Children Of The Evolution  2:04
Gotus  Gotus  Take Me To The Mountain  3:44
Magnum  Here Comes The Rain  Blue Tango  3:20
Pirate Queen  Ghosts  Pirates From The Sea  3:50
Tragik  Realm Angelic  High & Mighty  2:53
Trigger Mafia  When The Levee Breaks  Barnburner  3:02
Fiddler’s Green  The Green Machine  Shanghaied In Portsmouth  3:25
JBO  Single  Rockin‘ In The Free World  4:45
The Flying Beets  Single  Maybe Baby  3:23
Dan McCafferty  No Turning Back In Memory Of Dan McCafferty  Children’s Eyes  3:32
Silver R.I.S.C  Knot Over  Bad Person  1:17
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Cobra Spell 666  Bad Girl  4:27
Notörious  Marching On  Manimal  3:17
Scott Stapp  Higher Power  Black Butterfly  3:04
True North  Single  Still Enough  3:06
Saxon  Single  Hell Fire And Damnation  5:07
The Grandmaster  Black Sun  Watching The End  4:32
Goaten  Midnight Conjuring  Bell  3:43
Scanner  The Cosmic Race  Farewell To The Sun  4:37
Doro  Conqueress – Forever Strong And Proud  Bond Unending  2:27
Mega Colossus  Showdown  Showdown  4:34
Ruthless  The Fallen  Soldiers Of Steel  3:27
BlakEarth  Earth Fragments  Voyager  4:10
Riot V  Single  High Noon  3:06
Cobra Kill  Serpent’s Kiss  Monstrous  0:42
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
CobraKill  Serpent’s Kiss  Same Ol‘ Nasty Rock N‘ Roll  3:31
These Wicked Rivers  Force Of Nature  Force Of Nature  3:43
Oz Hawe Petersson´s Rendezvous  Oz Hawe Petersson´s Rendezvous  Midnight Lady  2:57
Drunken Swallows  Im Namen des Wahnsinns  Im Namen des Wahnsinns  2:54
Crazy Lixx  Two Shots At Glory  Two Shots At Glory  3:26
Crazy Lixx  Two Shots At Glory  Church Of Rock  3:59
Revolution Saints  Against The Winds  Been Said And Done  3:03
Cave  Out Of The Cave  Send For My Soul  3:38
Skullboogey  Dity Bones Rolling  Lonesome Tonight  3:28
Grenzenlos  10 Jahre AntiXtrem  Deutschrock stirbt nie  2:50
Eizbrand  Verbrennungen 3. Grades  Ehrlich währt am längsten  3:16
Lionheart  The Grace Of  A Dragonfly  Little Ships  3:13
MIC  The Best Of  Sit On You  2:52
Face The Legacy  Ashes On The Ground  Straight Down To Hell  2:32
Sonata Arctica  Clear Cold Beyond  First In Line  4:23
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Smoking Snakes  Danger Zone  Rocking To The Morning Light  2:31
Max Boogie Overdrive  Stoned Again  Suffer Sister  2:50
King Zebra  Between The Shadows  Dina  4:34
Neon Rider  Destination Unknown  Riders Of The Night  4:12
Cold Years  A Different Life  Roll With It  3:33
Blackout Problems  Riot  DNA  3:35
Ace Frehley  10.000 Volts  Fightin’ For Life  3:04
Ace Frehley  10.000 Volts  Blinded  3:59
Takida  The Agony Flame  The Loneliest Hour  3:36
Johnny Kantor  Single  Everybody’s Good Lookin  3:38
Sunday Factory  Sleepless  Ready To Let Go  3:14
Bodyguerra  Invictus  Troublemaker  4:21
The Sixsters  To Be Continued  Feels  3:45
Vanden Plas  The Empyrean Equation Of The Long Lost Things  My Icarian Flight  4:18
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Alterium  Of War And Flames  Drag Me To Hell  2:54
Cave  Out Of The Cave  New Found King  3:41
Ivanhoe  Healed By The Sun  One Ticket To Paradise  3:08
Hot Water Music  Vows  Menace  3:17
Firewind  Stand United  Chains  4:34
Firewind  Stand United  Fallen Angel  3:26
Masterplan  Single  Rise Again  3:33
Bloodbound  The Tales Of Nosferatu Two Decades Of Blood  The Warlock’s Trail  4:16
The Gems  Phoenix  Queens  2:57
Black Rain  HotRock Time Machine  Revolution  3:55
Reach  Prophecy  Save The World  3:21
Shade  Single  Break Out  2:35
Voyager X  Magic  Janus Face  4:29
Traveler  Prequel To Madness  Dark Skull  3:41
Max Boogie  Overdrive Stoned Again  Van Boogie  0:34


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Girlschool  WTFortyfive?  Are You Ready?  3:07
Rising Wings  Reach  Hey You  3:57
Rich Kid Express  Under The Purple Lights  That’s The Way  3:27
Pirates In Black  Money Slaves  Back Seat Ride  3:22
Sunday Factory  Single  Sleepless  3:43
Edge Of Forever  Ritual  Ritual Pt. I  4:13
Artefuck  Ethik  Gegen den Rest  2:58
Artefuck  Ethik  Stop War  3:56
Hurricane  Reconnected  Don’t Change Your Love  3:43
Bad Wolves  Die About It  Legends Never Die  2:38
Beyond Unbroken  Running Out Of Time  Hold On  2:54
Foghat  Sonic Mojo  Promised Land  3:07
Satin  It’s About Time  The Damage Got Done  3:53
Satin  Satin  Leave It Be  3:41
Statues On Fire  IV  Love Will Drive Us  1:34


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Warwolf  The Apocalyptic Waltz  Silver Bullets  3:15
UDO  Touchdown  The Double Dealer’s Club  3:31
Asmodean  By A Thread  Below The Line  3:41
Bonafide  Are You Listening?  Hero To Zero  3:28
Primal Fear  Code Red  Raged By Pain  3:14
Dog Eat Dog  Free Radicals  Looking Back  2:41
The O’Reillys And The Paddyhats  Wake The Rebels  The Ballad Of Big Bad Billy  2:51
The O’Reillys And The Paddyhats  Wake The Rebels  Through The Storm  2:33
Diesel Boy  Gets Old  Lost Decade  2:16
Ferreira  Baby 7  The Other Side  3:30
Ronnie Atkins  Trinity  If You Can Dream It  3:21
Onlap  Single  Crawling In The Dark  3:05
Aries Field  Capsizing The Horizon  y05  3:04
Secret Rule  Single  Disorder  4:12
Angra  Cycles Of Pain  Tide Of Changes Part II  4:13


Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Matt Cadillac & The Shoots  Highway Of Rock  Rock´n Roll  4:03
Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons  Kings Of The Asylum  Strike The Match  3:55
Diesel Boy  Gets Old  The Finnish Line  2:15
All For Metal  Legends  Born In Valhalla  3:34
Pirates In Black  Money Slaves  The Servant And The God  2:30
Domino Drive  Smoke And Mirrors  Smoke And Mirrors  3:46
Macsat  Turn It Up  Turn It Up  3:01
Macsat  Turn It Up  Nein Nein Nein  2:42
Artefuckt  Ethik  Der erste Schritt  3:17
Reach  Single  Mama Mama  3:09
Big Red Fire Truck  Trouble In Paradise  Lovebite  3:12
Vambo  II  Hey Willy  3:53
Kirmon Project  Stained The DisappearanceHurting Of Good Heart Joe  You Losing You  3:48
Dog Eat Dog  Free Radicals  Time Won´t Wait  2:07
Zhiva  Into The Eye Of The Storm  Step Into The Fire  4:16
åBand:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Girlschool  WTFortyfive?  Born To Raise Hell  4:55
Brian Durbin  Only Jams  I Love It When You Get Loud  3:24
Dictator Ship  Electric Jihad  City Girl  3:08
Kissin Black  Veleno  Adrenalin  3:57
Royal Tusk  Single  Head Up  2:43
Macsat  Turn It Up  Do It Again  3:20
Rich Kid Express  Under The Purple Lights  Hard Time Lady  3:17
Ronnie Romero  Too Many Lies  Castaway On The Moon  3:15
Michael Voss  Rockers Rollin  Rockers Rollin  4:07
Rockett Love  Galactic Circus  Running Out Of Time  4:06
Rising Wings  Reach  Lonely Is The Night  3:41
Kirmon Project  Stained The Disapp.Of Good Heart Joe  Hurting You Losing You  3:56
Lars Eric Mattsson  Evolution  Stand Up  3:13
Hurricane  Reconnected  I´m On To You  3:14
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Rockett Love  Galactic Circus  On The Radio  3:42
Last Breed  Devil To Pay  The Crazed & Obscene  3:34
Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons  Kings Of The Asylum  Hammer And Dance  2:55
Breathing Theory  Artificial  Replicas  3:50
Skagarack  Heart And Soul  Peace Of Mind  3:38
Lynch Mob  Babylon  Time After Time  4:41
Matt Cadillac & The Shoots  Highway Of Rock  My Love  3:21
The O’Reillys & The Paddyhats  Wake The Rebels  Irish Summer Nights  3:07
Eclipse  Megalomanium  So Long Farewell Goodbye  3:20
Eclipse  Megalomanium  I Don’t Get It  3:01
Vega  Battlelines  Love To Hate You  4:21
Danko Jones  Electric Sounds  Get High?  3:32
The Boss Hoss (& Electric Callboy)  Electric Horsemen  Nice But No  3:26
Fog Blues & Brass Band  Twelve Bar Prescripton  Too Deep  3:32
Diesel Boy  Gets Old  Short And To The Point  1:14
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
UDO  Touchdown  Forever Free  4:07
Wonders  Beyond The Mirage  In & Out Of Time  3:42
Tailgunner  Guns Fore Hire  Revolution Scream  3:36
Heimdall  Hephaestus  Hephaestus  4:36
Asking Alexandria  Single  Psycho  3:54
Breforth  Metal In My Heart  Reset My Sanity  3:46
Breforth  Metal In My Heart  Metal In My Heart  3:26
Tragedy  I Am Woman  Respect  2:23
The O’Reillys And The Paddyhats  Single  Wake The Rebels  3:07
Bodeguera  Invictus  Come On Tell Me  4:13
Cathalepsy  Blood And Steel  We Are The Warriors  2:58
Sacred Dawn  Dismal Swamp  Truth Be Told  3:42
Jag Panzer  The Hallowed  Bound As One  3:17
Lancer  Tempest  Entity  3:57
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Midnight Phantom  Murder On 42nd Street  Rock N Roll Time Machine  4:36
Phil Vincent  Divine Intervention  No Regrets  3:50
Firewind  Still Raging  Destiny Is Calling  3:50
Lift The Curse  Suffer And Survive  Tidal Wave  3:28
Bodyguerra  Invictus  Troublemaker  4:21
Hell In The Club  F.U.B.A.R.  Sidonie  3:14
Hell In The Club  F.U.B.A.R.  Total Disaster  3:31
Recite The Cynic  Recite The Cynic  Taunting The Jesters  3:45
Turkish Delight  Vol II  Crazy  4:04
Sam Millar  More Cheese Please  The Killing Floor  3:55
Neal Morse  The Dreamer  Like A Wall  2:37
Leaves In Flames  Individuum  I Don’t Want Much  4:17
130R  130R  One More Day  3:31
Saraysign  The Lion’s Road  Everdying Night  1:43
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Liverbox  The Great Spirit Of R&R  Rock’n’Roll Is My Religion  3:59
Vambo  II  Worlds Collide  3:23
Twisted Rose  Single  Wanted  3:04
Neurotox  Echt  Auf gute Fremde  3:25
Interview mit  Bernd Pohling zur  Hamburger Plattenbörse  3:04
Cathalepsy  Blood And Steel  Heavy Metal Faith  3:41
Tailgunner  Guns Fore Hire  Blood For Blood  3:38
Itchy  Dive  Dive  2:48
Itchy  Dive  No One’s Listening  3:09
Mascat  Turn It Up  Turn It Up  3:01
Takida  Single  The Loneliest Hour  3:35
Midnight Phantom  Murder On 42nd Street  Peacemaker  4:10
Aurora By Noon  Black Crosses In The Sun  Under Pressure  3:12
Bei Befarf  10 Jahre in 30 Minuten  Chemiebaukasten  2:37
Airstrike  Red Born Reborn  I Wanna Rock  2:29
Stonetrip  Single  I Am Tomorrow  0:56
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Mentalist  Empires Falling  Heavy Metal Leia  3:45
Dynazty  Final Advent  Natural Born Killer  3:20
Beyond The Black  Single  Reincarnation  3:57
Fight The Fade  Apophysitis  Stratosphere  3:08
Lugnet  Tales From The Great  Eaten Alive  2:36
Nordic Union  Animalistic  If I Could Fly  3:21
Tyrant  Single  Poison The Well  4:16
Tad Morose  March Of The Obsequious  A Trail Of Sins  3:25
Taboo  Taboo  Flames  4:07
Ibridoma  Norimberga  Woman From The Stars  3:10
Cold Drop  Single  All Night Baby  3:14
Kaledon  Legend Of The Forgotten  The Dawn Of Dawns  5:28
Szabotage  Six Pack  Channeling  2:32
Fear Not  Fields Of Sorrow  Fields Of Sorrow  3:10
Resistance  Skulls Of My Enemy  Metallium  1:45
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Breforth  Metal In My Heart  Need More Rock’n Roll  3:34
Vendetta Love  Single  On & On  3:12
The Black Skeleton  Single  The Snake  3:29
Atlas  Built To Last  All Or Nothing  3:51
Degreed  Public Address  Free Again  3:16
Degreed  Public Address  Who Are You  3:51
Amaranthe  Single  Damnation Flame  3:23
Robledo  Broken Soul  Fire  4:01
Gardner & James  No Strings  Into The Night  3:28
West Alley  A Night To Remember  Miracles Can Happen  4:23
Stray Gods  Olympus  Angels Of Light  4:55
Kissin Black  Single  Veleno  2:55
Furies  Single  Rise And Shine  3:48
Ultra Violence  Single  Bottom Of The Glass  2:02
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Airstrike  Red Born Reborn  Rollin  4:00
Phil Campell & The Bastard Sons  Kings Of The Asylum  Schizophrenia  3:17
Rozario  Single  To The Gods We Swear  4:12
Doro  Conqueress  Time For Justice  3:01
Attic Stories  Single  Oh Little Boy  3:00
Liverbox  The Great Spirit Of R´R  Whiskey Trails  4:16
Liverbox  The Great Spirit Of R´R  Inside Outside  3:26
Metalite  Expedition One  Disciples Of The Stars  4:20
Scream Maker  Land Of Fire  Can’t Stop The Rain  3:53
Deaf Rat  Single  Schizophrenic Part Of Me  3:31
Houston  Re-Launch III  Live Forever  3:24
All Hallow‘s Evil  Coven  The Promise Of The Night  2:58
Projekt JU  Neuland  Folge der Zahl  4:30
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Ron Coolen & Keith St John  Single  Heavy Metal Till I’m Dead  4:09
Asmodean  Single  Zooethic  3:48
Induction  Single  A Call Beyond  4:37
Blacklist Union  Single  Letters From The Psych Ward  3:10
Revoltons  Celestial Violence  Generation Mask  4:53
Iron Savior  Firestar  Firestar  5:01
Withering Scorn  Prophets Of Demise  Dark Reflection  3:39
Scar Symmetry  The Singularity  Overworld  3:51
Mortician  40 Years Of Metal  Old Lady  4:23
Chris Boltendahl’s Steelhammer  Reborn In Flames  Beyond the Black Souls  3:48
Velvet Viper  Single  Invisible Danger  5:04
Formuar 400  Single  Stardust  1:48
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Tony Mitchell  Radio Heartbeat  Keep The Love Alive  4:04
Showdown  Feel The Heat  I Ain´t Here For Love  2:44
Bei Bedarf  10 Jahre in 30 Minuten  Keine Zweifel  2:31
Starscream  Shatter The Sky  Shatter The Sky  3:55
Seraina Telli  Addicted To Color  Hit Shit  3:08
Seraina Telli  Addicted To Color  Song For The Girls  3:00
Cyhra  The Vertigo Trigger  Life Is A Hurricane  3:05
Neurotox  Echt  Wir sind mehr  3:31
Primal Fear  Code Red  Another Hero  4:53
Joel Hoekstra’s 13  Crash Of Life  I Would Cry For Love  3:52
Edge Of Paradise  Hologram  Basilisk  3:36
Midnight City  In At The Deep End  Raise The Dead  3:48
Robledo  Broken Soul  Real World  3:28
Velvet Insane  High Heeled Monster  Damage Control  3:19
Jason Charles Miller  Cards On The Table  The River  2:02
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
DeVicious  Code Red  Highway To The Stars  4:15
Lucifer Star Machine  Satanic Age  I Wanted Everything  2:53
Satan Takes A Holiday  Satanism  Sky And Me  2:53
Smackbound  Hostage  Hold The Fire  3:18
Kickhunter  Now Or Never  Motherlode  3:30
Bloodbound  Tales From The North 1066  4:18
Bonfire  MMXXIII  Fantasy  4:17
D’Ercole  Mass Formation  No Place Left To Hide  3:45
Woodship  Cosmography  Mars  3:53
Woodship  Cosmography  Asteroid  2:47
Grenzenlos  AntiXtrem  Libertas  2:51
Richie Ramone  Live To Tell  When The Night  3:23
Bite The Bullet  Rocky Road  Rock Road  3:18
Lee Small  The Last Man On Earth  YouÔÇÖre Not The Only One  3:00
Heavens Edgel  Get It Right  Nothing Left But Goodbye  1:56
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Deathstars  Everything Destroys  Midnight Party  3:41
Bourbon Boys  Single  Rippin‘ Up  3:29
Czakan  Unreal  Get Down  2:51
Skam  Intravenous  Circles  3:35
KneipenTerroristen  Infiziert  Lebenselixier  3:55
Palace Of The King  Single  Dead End Blues  3:26
The Flood  Hear Us Out  Overdrive  3:16
The Flood  Hear Us Out  Fight Or Flight  3:52
Winger  Seven  Proud Desperado  3:44
Crim  Canons De Morte  No Vull Que Et Calmis  1:59
Stormwarning  Stormwarning  Neon Skies  4:13
Crocodile Cowboys  Rockin Til You Die  Waiting For My Man  3:52
Hotwire  The Story So Far 1993-2023  Slam  4:19
Render Me Useless  Hit The Rewind  Come To Me  3:39
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Formosa  Bittersweet  Burning Desire  3:00
All For Metal  Legends  Fury Of The Gods  3:27
Mystic Prophecy  Hellriot  Hellriot  3:17
Elvenking  Reader Of The Runes  Bride of Night  3:47
Red Rum  Book Of Legend  Drunken Pirates  3:54
Red Rum  Book Of Legend  Drunk And Disorderly  2:52
Powerwolf  Interludium  No Prayer At Midnight  3:32
LA Guns  Black Diamonds  Shattered Glass  3:15
Mecca  Evelasting  The Mistakes We Make  2:50
Lordi  Screem Writers Guild  Inhumanoid  3:33
Tarchon Fist  The Flame Still Burns  Soldiers In White  3:46
Black Hawk  Soulkeeper  Bullet  3:02
Lost Circus  Lost Circus  Broken Shadows  3:04
Ashrain  Requiem Reloaded  Break Through The Fire  3:28
Archon Angel  II  Fortress  2:38
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Sergeant Steel  Mister Sippi  Please Me Tease Me  3:27
Demons Down  I Stand  Stranded In The Middle Of  4:21
Formosa  Bittersweet  Living On A Blade  2:45
Skam  Intravenous  Do It Again  3:24
Lordi  Screem Writers Guild  Thing In The Cage  4:03
SPY # ROW  The New Era  The Girl In Black  3:03
Transworld Identity  Seven Worlds  I’m Such A Liar  3:53
Trench Dogs  Stockholmiana  Shapeshifter  3:35
Shakra  Invincible  The Way It Is  4.37
Wartz  Single  A Sucker Gets Born  2:04
Wisecräcker  Vida En Color  Aluminiumallergie  2:22
Revolution Saints  Eagle Flight  Crime Of The Century  3:54
The 69 Eyes  Death Of Darkness  Call Me Snake  3:36
M.Karlssons Free Fall  Hunt The Flame  Holy Ground  2:24
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Elegant Weapons  Horns For A Halo  Blind Leading The Blind  4:35
Firewind  Single  Destiny Is Calling  3:51
Bullring  Single  Still Blood  4:03
SPY # ROW  The New Era  The Girl In Black  3:03
Ammotrack  Accelerate  Accelerate  2:20
Grenzenlos  AntiXtrem  AntiXtrem  3:02
Viva  Das ist die Wahrheit  Deine Welt  3:47
Skull Fist  Paid In Full  Madman  3:24
Revolution Saints  Eagle Flight  Talking Like Strangers  3:53
The Boyscout  Best Time Of My Life  The Moment Of Our Love  3:40
Willkuer  Zwei  Ich bin nicht ok  3:46
Crim  Cançons De Morte  Sense Tu Estic Molt Bé  2:44
San Quentin  Single  You’re Lost  2:34
Waumiau  Krawall  Spießrutenlauf  1:47
Skinner  The Dark Design  Ferryman  3:53
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Grand Design  Rawk  God Bless RawknRoll  3:40
Seventh Crystal  Wonderland  Higher Ground  3:38
Infinite & Divine  Ascendancy  Down  3:13
Voltwechsel  Frei Und Doch Gefangen  Heute Leben Wir  3:27
Bai Bang  Sha Na Na Na  I Wanna RocknRoll  2:53
Bai Bang  Sha Na Na Na  My Favorite Enemy  3:29
Existent  Stiller Held  Schrei  3:04
Kärbholz  Kapitel 11: Barrikaden  Zu Dir Oder Zu Mir  3:20
Ravenstine  Ravenstine  Ravenstine  3:48
Smackbound  Hostage  Change  3:34
Ivy Gold  Broken Silence  Broken Silence  4:05
Viva  Das Ist Die Wahrheit  Und Du Wirst Es Verstehen  3:19
Carbon County  Carbon County  Them Chains  2:37
Robert Jon & The Wreck  One Of A Kind  Come At Me  3:11
Ricochet  Kazakhsta  Beyond The Line  3:14
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Stormburst  III  Love That Rock N Roll  3:30
Big Red Fire Truck  Trouble in Paradise  Trouble in Paradise  3:47
Hammerfall  Crimson Thunder  Riders Of The Storm  4:32
Metalite  Single  Take My Hand  3:04
The Answer  Wrong Side Of Paradise  All Together  2:36
Jason Charles Miller  Cards On The Table  The River  3:47
Grand Design  Rawk  God Bless Rawk ’n Roll  3:40
Grand Design  Rawk  Your Luv Is Drivin‘ Me Crazy  4:05
The Offenders  Orthodoxy Of New Radicalis  Hall Of Fame  2:54
Krawallbrüder  abnorm  Alles wird gut  3:31
Superhorror  Devilish Whisper  Satan Loves You  3:46
The Ruby Tuesdays  Food For Thought  Falling Apart  2:00
Godsticks  This Is What A Winner  Mayhem  3:32
Richie Ramone  Live To Tell  Find Our Place  2:28
Bad Sister  Out Of The Business  Can´t Do It Right  2:31
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
UDO  My Way  We Will Rock You  3:08
Ronnie Romero  Raised On Heavy Radio  Gypsy Queen  4:29
Mädhouse  Bad Habits  Time Warp  3:56
The Baseballs  Hot Shots  Rock Me Amadeus  2:43
Pain  Coming Home  Gimme Shelter  3:55
Devil´s Train  Ashes & Bones  Word Up  3:16
Electric Callboy  Hypa Hypa  Hypa Hypa  2:59
Peter Hermansson  Second Glance   I Don’t Need No Doctor  3:06
Saxon  Inspirations  Paint It Balck  3:17
Mentalist  A Journey Into  Manchild  3:58
Darren Phillips Project  Volume Two  What’s Love  3:08
Shameless  So Good You Should  Does Your Mother Know  3:12
Black Sheriff  Single  Single  3:47
Deraps  Deraps  Ballroom Blitz  4:24
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Mystic Prophecy  Hellriot  Metal Attack  4:06
Saint Deamon  League Of The Serpent  Load You Cannons  3:27
The Crimson Ghosts  Forevermore  The Legend Of Walking Sam  3:44
Black And Damned  Servants Of The Devil  Black And Damned  3:38
Black Hawk  Soulkeeper  Rock ’n‘ Roll In My Head  4:09
Bonfire  MXXIII  Don´t Get Me Wrong  3:35
Weapon  New Clear Power  For The Kill  3:25
Koritni  Long Overdue  Bone For You  3:48
Kickhunter  Now Or Never  Best Time  3:50
Fireborn  Reflections  Done With You  4:11
From Fall To Spring  Rise  Destiny  3:00
Czakan  Unreal  Livin´In A Nightmare  3:36
Skindred  Smil  If I Could  3:20
Smoulder  Violent Creed Of  Spellforger  1:40
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Marauder  Metal ConstructionsVII  Rock Fighters  3:49
Creye  III Weightless  Spreading Fire  3:54
Robin McAuley  Alive  Feel Like Hell  3:29
Fairytale  Army Of Ghosts  Alive  4:25
Lansdowne  Medicine  Watch Me Burn  3:27
Lansdowne  Medicine  Burn Brighter  3:08
Redlight King  In Our Blood  In Our Blood  3:35
Hollentor  Divergency  Judgement Day  2:55
Bloodbound  Tales From The North  The Raven’s Cry  3:42
Sortilege  Apocalypso  Poseidon  3:19
Suasion  The Infinite  House Of Cards  3:37
Marko Hietala  Pyre Of The Black Heart  Dead God’s Son  4:16
OfficerX  Hell Is Coming  Incandescent  4:35
Mojo Blizzard  The Evil Crown  Family Affair  1:38
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Skinner  The Dark Design  Wicked Whys  4:28
Pyramaze  Single  Broken Arrow  4:07
Mäle  Single  Lost In Paradise  3:38
Saint Deamon  League Of The Serpent  At Break Of Dawn  4:21
Avatar  Dance Devil Dance  Gotta Wanna Riot  4:00
Satan Takes A Holiday  Satanism  The Sound I Like  2:37
Motive Black  Auburn  Bloodsport  3:20
Betontod  Zeig Dich  Nie Mehr St.Pauli Ohne Dich  3:23
Royal Autumn  Life Is Strangely Accidental  Watcha Got  3:32
Royal Autumn  Life Is Strangely Accidental  Take It To The Grave  2:35
Air Raid  Fatal Encounter  See The Light  2:55
Ricochet  Kazakhstan  King Of Tales  4:27
Carbellion  Weapons Of Choice  Listen For Ghosts  3:40
Tragedian  Master Of Illusions  Eternal  3:46
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
The Poor  High Price Deed  Love Shot  3:38
Avatar  Dance Devil Dance  The Dirt I’m Buried In  3:54
Not Scientists  Staring At The Sun  Heart Attack  3:32
Lonely Spring  Single  Misfit  2:41
League Of Distortion  League Of Distortion  Wolf Or Lamb  3:50
33RPM  Single  Tanz mit mir  3:18
Pascow  Sieben  Gottes Werk und Teufels Beitrag  3:03
Gallus Rex  Gallus Rex  Dead On The Inside  3:12
Crowne  Operation Phoenix  Super Trooper  3:32
Khymera  Hold Your Ground  Firestarter  3:35
Infinite & Divine  Ascendancy  Our Time  3:23
Rexoria  Imperial Dawn  Devious Desire  3:21
Rexoria  Imperial Dawn  Paradigm  2:56
Carbon County  Carbon County  Panic  1:55
Black Cat Moan  Departure  Molotov Cocktail  3:42
Mike Walsh & Five To Life  Face The Music  Careful Whatcha Wish For  0:45
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Electric Mob  2 Make U Cry & Dance  By The Name Of (nanana)  3:41
Indecent Behavior  Therapy In Melody  Too Close  3:32
Ravenstine  Ravenstine  Lady Luck  3:54
Steel Rhino  In Rhino We Trust  Blades  4:04
Enforcer  Nostalgia  Coming Alive  3:10
The Poor  High Price Deed  Payback’s A Bitch  4:07
Kärbholz  Kapitel11 “Barrikaden”  Ja zum Leben  3:48
Willkuer  Zwei  Keiner von euch  3:44
First Signal  Face Your Fears  Shoot The Bullet  3:33
Wig Wam  Out Of The Dark  Forevermore  4:50
Kickhunter  Now Or Never  Louder & Faster  4:23
Aurel  Single  Lass uns Wunder zählen  4:12
Maerzfeld  Alles anders  Schönen Weltuntergang  3:10
Autumn’s Child  Starflower  The Final Call  3:10
Cold Irons Bound  Single  I Wasn’t Thinking At All  0:38
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Sonic Dynamite  Another World  Rockin‘ Dynamite  4:27
A4O4A  Single  Fight With Pride  3:48
Beyond The Black  Beyond The Black  Dancing In The Dark  3:57
Bubonix  Through The Eyes  Paid Out With Hate  3:18
Cobra Cult  Don´t Kill The Dark  Don´t Kill The Dark  3:11
Induction  Born From Fire  Fallen Angel  3:48
Scream Maker  Bloodking  Scream Maker  3:34
Tailgunner  Crashdive  Revolution Scream  3:37
Twilight Force  At The Heart Of Wintervale  Sunlight Knight  4:24
No Name Faces  Single  In The Name Of What  3:46
Krell  Deserts  The Mantis  4:06
The Gäs  Bad News  Trinity  3:04
Sündflut  Basta  Fünf vor 12  3:35
Elfenking  Reader Of The Runes  Rapture  2:01
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Mike Walsh & Five To Life  Face The Music  Face The Music  3:15
Crowne  Operation Phoenix  Champions  3:19
Miss Behaviour  Heart Of Midwinter  Dreams Are Cursed  2:49
The Offenders  Orthodoxy Of New Radicalism  The Messenger  3:01
Shakra  Single  Invincible  3:21
Wisecräcker  Vida En Color  Ska-DHS  2:59
Pascow  Sieben  Mailand  3:11
Wig Wam  Out Of The Dark  Out Of The Dark  4:25
Sabaton  Heroes Of The Great War  The First Soldier  3:48
Itchy  Single  Prison Light  3:13
Grand Design  Rawk  Tuff It Out  3:33
Erdling  Bestia  Freiheit  3:18
Maerzfeld  Alles anders  100 auf 0  3:18
MIC  Single  Baby  2:45
D-Rosas  Greedy  Losing You  2:42
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Autumn´s Child  Zenith  Love Is A Fighter  3:41
Ammotrack  Single  Under My Skin  3:30
All My Shadows  Eerie Monsters  Silent Waters  4:33
Black Cat Moan  Departure  Crash  2:47
Stonesilk  Bipolar  Gold Digger  2:57
Unantastbar  Wir leben laut  Steine Scherben Dreck  2:46
The Baboon Show  God Bless You All  Have A Party With Me  2:51
The Baboon Show  God Bless You All  Revolution Avenue  2:30
Big City  Sunwind Sails  Diamond In The Rough  4:15
Remedy  Something That Your Eyes Won’t See  Sinners and Saints  3:33
Barnabas Sky  What Comes To Light  What Comes To Light  4:46
Issa  Lights In Japan  Chains  3:18
Alex Meister  Rock And A Hard Place  Feel It This Time  3:53
Walk In Darkness  Leaves Rolling in Time  Ships To Atlantis  3:30
Tragik  Cry For Love  Spirit In The Sky  1:35
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Ronnie Romero  Raised On Heavy Radio  Metal Daze  4:09
Girish & The Chronicles  Back On Earth  I Wanna Get That Lovin Again  4:42
Rexoria  Imperial Dawn  Light Up The Sky  3:21
Tailgunner  Crashdive  Shadows Of War  4:04
The Answer  Single  Livin‘ On The Line  3:54
Silver Bullet  Shadowfall  Nighthunter  3:58
All For Metal  Single  Raise Your Hammer  3:37
Pristine  The Lines We Cross  The Lines We Cross  3:10
Dark Princess  Phoenix  Phoenix  3:07
Beyond The Black  Beyond The Black  Free Me  3:49
Air Raid  Fatal Encounter  Pegasus Fantasy  3:46
Mojo Blizzard  The Evil Crown  The Coward  3:07
The Legendary  Warlord  Blind  3:13
Blak Earth  Single  Dead Heart  2:30
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
UDO  The Legacy  Rock´n Roll Soldiers  3:41
Ronnie Atkins  Symphomaniac  Rising Tide  4:35
Guernica Mancini  Single  Inception  2:55
Roof Down  Intoxicated  You  3:14
Finnegan’s Hell  One Finger Salute  Nothing Left To Lose  2:07
Lansdowne  Medicin  Halo  3:31
Induction  Born From Fire  I Am Alive  3:08
Enemy Of Eyes  Historys Hand  The Dream Is Gone  4:10
Nevena  Nevena  Bad Sun Rising  3:48
Arrayan Path  Thus Always To Tyrants  In Salamis  4:30
Paul Sabu  Banshee  Kandi  4:01
Landfall  Elevate  Two Strangers  4:29
Butterwegge  Butterbande  Wir werden alle sterben  3:05
Sündflut  Basta  Bella Ciao  2:41
The Trousers  Animal Gun  Vanish In The Haze  1:30
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
StreetLore  StreetLore  The Storm  3:14
The Trousers  Animal Gun  Hope Dies Last  3:08
Hyperdrive Stereo  Greatest Destroyer  All Rights Reserved  4:30
Grimskull  Awake Asleep  Grimskull  3:22
Vinnie Moore  Double Exposure  Rocket  2:22
Vinnie Moore  Double Exposure  Paid My Dues  3:38
Leather  We Are The Chose  The Glory In The End  3:25
Stigma  Single  Deadline  3:34
Roni Lee  A Lifetime  I Wanna Be Where The Boys  2:18
Lazy Queen  Single  Option To Nothing  2:11
Faster Pussycat  Single  Pirate Love  3:39
Seventrain  Back On Track  Magnetic  4:23
Carttada  Recharged  The Dance  2:41
Burnt Out Wreck  Stand And Fight  Lion  4:01
Lion Share  Single  Run For Your Life  2:29
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Beyond The Black  Beyond The Black  Winter Is Coming  4:22
Trench Dogs  Stockholmiana  A Little Overdressed  3:54
Buried In Smoke  Cooperate Identities  Better Live  4:10
Zebrahead  II  No Tomorrow  3:09
Silver Bullet  Mooncult  The Ones To Fall  4:09
Electric Mob  2 Make U Cry & Dance  Sun Is Falling Down  3:47
Spidergawd  Single  Your Heritage  4:09
Chris Rosander  The Monster Inside  Little White Lines  3:24
Dangereens  Tough Luck 1003  1:24
Ten  Something Wicked  The Fire And The Rain  4:45
Czakan  State Of Confusion  Rock Will Survive  3:03
Crime  Master Of Illusion  All Good Things  4:46
Deadwolf  Heavy Rock n Roll  Homeward Bound  3:58
Unantastbar  Wir leben laut  Die Hand die ich mir reichte  2:22