Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Ginger Evil  Single  Rainmaker  3:17
Remedy  Pleasure Beats  The Pain Caught By Death  4:54
Pitate Queen  Ghots  Ghots  4:33
Blue Pills  Birthday  Don¬¥t You Love It  3:12
Freedom Call  Silver Romance  New Haven  3:54
Freedom Call  Silver Romance  High Above  4:01
5th Avenue  Single  Corrupted Corroded  3:52
Feuerschwanz  Warriors  Memento Mori  3:19
The Dreadful Tides  Single  Fire In The Hole  3:02
Demon  Invincible  Face The Master  3:58
Vain  Disintegrate Together  Cold Like Snow  4:20
Beyond Unbroken  Single  My Life  2:43
Black Country Communion  V  Red Sun  4:02
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Kickhunter  Greatest Kicks  Shame On Love  3:31
Atomic Kings  Atomic Kings  Bloodline  4:41
Freedom  Stay Free!  Johnny You’re Electric!  3:37
Signum Regis  Single  No Middle Ground  4:26
Velveteen Queen  Consequence Of The City  Bad Reputation  3:25
D’Ercole  Near Death Experience  Until It’s Gone  3:32
Issa  Another World  Armed & Dangerous  4:44
The Treatment  Wake Up The Neighbourhood  When Thunder And Lightning Strikes  4:00
Vnter  Unfolding  Holy Freedom  3:03
Wings Of A Butterfly  Single  The Funeral Of Hearts  4:17
Universe III  Universe III  Hanging By A Thread  4:08
Bad Boy  Private Party  How Long  2:33
Intelligent Music Project  Miracles Beyond  Days Rollin  3:36
FM  Old Habits Die Hard  Don‚Äôt Need Another Heartache  1:09
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Holy Mother  Rise  Fire  3:39
Flamekeeper  Flamekeeper  Stray Yet Still Free  3:26
Sebastian Bach  Child Within The Man  Everybody Bleeds  4:20
Warlord  Free Spirit Soar  The Bell Tolls  4:29
Alterium  Of War And Flames  Crossroads Inn  4:09
Evolucjia  The World Is Full Of Wrath  Am I The One  4:02
L. A. Project  Single  Hey Song  3:17
Angels Of Babylon  Aquarius  Stormzone  3:43
Anette Olzon  Rapture  Day Of Wrath  4:29
Xeneris  Eternal Rising  Eternal Rising  3:48
Ochmoneks  In Schwarzer Tinte  Cover Up Skull  2:43
Nightmare  Encrypted!  Saviours Of The Damned  4:20
Chariots Overdrive  When The Wheels Start  Parasite  2:37
Hardraw  Abyss of Mankind  Hunter x Hunted  0:48
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Freedom  Stay Free!  Love Reaction  3:43
Vendetta Love  Single  Soothe  3:26
J√§st  Single  Heartlight  3:35
Orange Goblin  Science Not Fiction  (Not) Rocket Science  4:16
BlackRain  HotRock Time Machine  Wild Wild Wild  3:17
BlackRain  HotRock Time Machine  Dancing On Fire  3:28
Kryptos  Decimator  Turn Up The Heat  2:58
The Treatment  Wake Up The Neighbourhood  Lett`s Wake Up This Town  3:04
Tungsten  The Grand Inferno  Walborg  2:41
Matney  The Red Neck & The Red Man  One Way Road  2:38
Snakebite  Cobra Crew  Chained To Rock  3:16
Oversense  Single  Deep Rest  3:25
Young Medicine  Cold Blooded  Chrysalis  3:40
Intelligent Music Project  Miracles Beyond  Then I Knew  3:02
FM  Old Habits Die Hard  Out Of The Blue  2:47
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Black Diamonds  Destination Paradise  Rock n‘ Roll Is My Religion  3:24
Lord Bishop Rocks  Tear Down The Empire  Burn Down The House  2:23
Atomic Kings  Atomic Kings  Live  4:08
Angels Of Babylon  Aquarius  I Believe You  4:16
Hunter  Rock `n Roll V.I.P.  Runaway Ramp  3:54
Hunter  Rock `n Roll V.I.P.  Black Cat  3:33
Bloodorn  Let The Fury Rise  Bloodorn  4:31
Circle Of Friends  Cherokee Moon  Princess Of The Night  4:00
Universe III  Universe III  Casa De Los Lollos  4:27
Midnite City  In At The Deep End  Like There‚Äôs No Tomorrow  3:47
P.O.D  Veritas  Lies We Tell Ourselves  3:25
Ernte 77  Gru√ü aus der K√ºche  Saufen gegen Psychosen  1:42
Treasure Seeker  A Tribute To The Past  Flames Of Fire  3:03
Praying Mantis  Defiance  Standing Tall  3:04
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Robert Hart  Circus Life  Right Here Right Now  3:50
King Zebra  Between The Shadows  Children Of The Night  3:39
Bruce Dickinson  The Mandrake Project  Many Doors To Hell  4:28
Reach  Prophecy  Mama Mama  3:08
A Neverending John’s Dream  Coming Back To Paradise  In Our Hands  4:10
Blue Pills  Birthday  Birthday  3:44
Slash  Orgy Of The Damned  Killing Floor  3:56
Der Butterwegge  Alle drehen durch  Die Punker sind da  3:00
Lautstaerke  Ruhe vor dem Sturm  Schöner Tag  2:15
Royal Tusk  Altruistic  Altruistic  3:24
Nightblaze  Nightblaze  Fading Away  4:22
Tonnerre  La Nuit Sauvage  La Brunante  2:45
D’Luna  Monster  Blink Of An Eye  3:35
Apocalyptica  Plays Metallica Vol. 2  The Four Horsemen  3:00
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Alicate  Heaven Tonight  Are You Ready  2:41
Judas Priest  Invincible Shield  Fight Of Your Life  3:46
Leah Martin-Brown  Single  Boys  2:51
Silveroller  At Dawn  Black Crow  3:27
Lee Aaron  Tattoo Me  Is it My Body  2:34
Snakebite  Cobra Crew  Blow It Up  3:33
Smoking Snakes  Danger Zone  Run For Your Life  3:28
Smoking Snakes  Danger Zone  There Is No Tomorrow  3:02
Drunken Swallows  Im Namen des Wahnsinns  K√ºstenjungs  2:38
Shotgun Mistress  Kings Of The Revolution  Shot Down  3:25
Lautstaerke  Ruhe vor dem Sturm  Leben  2:25
Ampex  Eterno  Frei wie der Wind  2:32
Remedy  Pleasure Beats The Pain  Moon Has The Night  4:03
Aktiv D√∂dshjelp  Send Dudes  L√∏rdag  2:42
Symphonity  Marco P:Live In Europe  In The Name Of God  4:13
Neon Rider  Destination Unknow  My Time To Say Goodbye  2:23
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Ferrett  Glamdemic  Let It All Hang Out  4:26
Scavenger  Beyond The Bells  Streetfighter  4:24
Rhapsody Of Fire  Challenge The Wind  Challenge The Wind  4:53
Ravage  Spider On The World  Ravage In Peace  2:44
Royal Tusk  Altruistic  Fire In Your Veins  2:55
Furies  Single  Stars Of Burning Lands  4:16
Evolucija  The World Is Full Of Wrat  Soul For Sale  4:25
Severed Angel  Skyward  Never Look Back  4:16
Breed 77  Single  End Of The Line  4:10
Lords Of Black  Mechanics Of Predacity  Let It Burn  4:28
Zakk Sabbath  Doomed Forever Forever Doomed  Paranoid  2:45
Balance Of Power  Fresh From The Abyss  Abyss  4:10
Dust Bolt  Sound & Fury  I Am The One  2:16
Band:   Album:   Title:   Time:
Cruzh  The Jungle Revolution  At The Radio Station  3:43
Lee Aaron  Tattoo Me  Are You Gonna Be My Girl  3:39
Lord Bishop Rocks  Tear Down The Empire  Oops Damn  2:35
Gothminister  Pandemonium II  One Dark Happy Nation  3:33
Kissin‘ Dynamite  Back With A Bang  Raise Your Glass  3:34
Wildstreet  Wildstreet IV  Come Down  3:53
Lipz  Changing The Melody  Stop Talk About  2:27
FerreTT  Glamdemic  Amateur Night  3:01
FerreTT  Glamdemic  Don¬¥t Tell Jen  4:36
Ampex  Eterno  Welt voller M√ºll  2:42
KMPFSPRT  Aus gegebenem Anlass  Das Ende aller Tage  2:25
Circle Of Friends  Cherokee Moon  Princess Of The Night  3:37
Custody 3  Hollow Times  2:30
Yaris  Single  F√ºhlen  3:04
Tarot  Glimpse Of The Dawn  Echos Through Time  3:57