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Jingel-1 (0,606Mb), All rights reserved by: (Vocals by T.Neuhaus).

Jingel-2 (0,711MB), All rights reserved by: (Vocals by T. Neuhaus).

Jingel-3 (1,19MB), All rights reserved by: Arctic Fields



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Boerney Single Ram Bam 4:50
The Carvels NYC Live At Cutting Room Savin You For Later 2:19
Cory Marks Who I Am Devil's Grin 2:39
Ekko Park Horizon Uh Oh 2:40
EMN Resurrect The Faithful Drown By Luv 3:21
Freaks & Clowns Justice Elite Welcome To The Freakshow 3:50
Kat The Last Convoy You Shook Me All Night Long 3:21
Ricky Warwick When Life Was Hard Fighting Heart 3:15
Rockenbolle Der Teufel spielt d.R´R Roadcrew 3:45
Texmanians Brooklyn Heights Passion Drive 2:55
The Razorblades Howlin’ At T.Copycats Rock'n' Roll Day 3:15
Speed Stroke Scene Of The Crime Red Eyes 3:26
Freiwild Single Corona Weltuntergang 3:14
Saltatio Mortis Für immer frei Neustart für den Sommer 2:45
Turbo Distortion Les flammes de l'enfer Y'a pas d'place 2:29
Mallet Rock n‘ Roll Heroes Rock `n` Roll Hero 1:27



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Majestica A Christmas Carol Ghost Of Christmas Past 5:02
Jeff S. Soto Wide Awake Love's Blind 4:07
The Wake Woods Pinball Pinball 2:59
Casey James If You Dont Know Don't Break A Heart 3:14
Alien Into The Future Night Of Fire 4:12
Warrior Soul Cocaine and Other Good Stuff Crosstown Traffic 2:14
Heartwind Strangers Line of Fire 3:30
Angelica Single Calling 4:02
Something On 11 Something On 11 Soul Suffer Payment 4:21
Stan Bush Dare To Dream The 80’S 4:03
Subliminal Landmines Gibberish Where's My Coke 3:50
Merryweather Stark Rock Solid No Wiggle Room 3:48
A Perfect Day When Eyes Wide Open The Roots 3:03
Heavy Pettin Best Of Hell Is Beautiful 3:15



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Roadwolf Unchain The Wolf Condemned To Rock 4:31
Hardbone No Frills Beastlike 3:08
Death Dealer Conquered Lands Running With The Wolves 4:12
Cory Marks Who I Am Blame It On The Double 3:21
Jeff Scott Soto Wide Awake Someone To Love 3:24
Haig Freeze the World Never Enough 2:49
Volster Arise Gravity 3:43
Lobster Touch of Memory Touch of Memory 3:50
Hardbone No Frills Boy´s Night Out 4:27
Iron Mask Master Of Masters Tree Of The World 4:44
Lords Of Black Alchemy Of Souls Sacrifice 4:30
Pride If Lions Lion Heart We Play For Free 3:31
Leto Wider Schatten 2:49
Jayce Landberg The Forbidden World Promise Of Asgaard 4:12



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Imperium Heaven Or Hell Lost In Yesterday 4:22
You Me At Six Single Beautiful Way 3:44
A Perfect Day With Eyes Wide Open Pull Me Out 3:26
Speed Stroke Scene Of The Crime Soul Punx 2:41
Cassidy Paris Single Like I Never Loved You 3:22
CF98 Dead Inside Pink 2:49
EMN Resurrect The Faithful Breathe 3:28
Jeremy Edge Project Jeremy Edge Project Firedancer 4:00
Wildness Ultimate Demise Denial 4:08
Wildness Ultimate Demise The Young 4:05
Rob Moratti Paragon Bullet Proof Alibi 3:46
The Mercy Kills Single Blackout 3:49
The Carvels NYC Live At The Cutting Room My Little Troll 2:07
Marc Boals Single Ring Of Fire 3:59
Cellar Stone One Fine Day Rain On My Parade 1:44



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Grand Design Single We Were Born To RocknRoll 3:59
Godsnake Poison Thorn Hellbound Ride 4:13
Reternity A Test Of Shadows The Gods 4:07
Hellsmoke 2020 Bad Motorbreath 4:22
Texmanians Brooklyn Heights Truck On 3:40
LA Guns Renegades Renegades 3:35
Punkband Single Kick It Up 2:02
The New Bardots Single Wake Up Smell The Coffee 3:34
Freaks & Clowns Justice Elite Guardian Angels 3:49
Freaks & Clowns Justice Elite One For All All For One 4:17
Lonewolf Division Hades Manilla Shark 3:55
Pyramaze Epithaph A Stroke Of Magic 4:42
Thrust The Helm Of Awe The Traveler 4:55



Band: Album: Title: Time:
A Perfect Day With Eyes Wild Open Mama Sad 3:28
King Bull What Happened Here B Side Baby 3:14
Neck Cemetery Born In A Coffin King Of The Dead 4:43
Ohrenfeindt Das Geld Liegt Auf Der Straße Das Geld Liegt Auf Der Straße 3:49
Stardust Highway To Hardbreak Runaway 4:25
Sinner Blood The Mirror Star Kill Or Die 3:25
Signal Red Alien Nation Email To God 4:46
Alteria Divinity Unchain The Rain 3:37
Phil Campell & The Bastard Sons We Are The Bastards Son Of A Gun 2:55
Hellsmoke 2020 Hell Adrenalin 2:55
Lars Eric Mattsson Power Games Season To Change 4:11
Indie Place Persistent Vision In Your Dark Place 4:25
Eskimo Callboy MMXX Hypa Hypa 3:29
Suburban Resistance Suburban Resistance We Refuse 2:02



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Fierce Heart War Of The World Power To Rock 3:33
The Casanovas Reptilian Overlord Stand Back 3:16
Future Place Escape Lately 3:16
Holy Mother Single Wake Up America 4:13
Ohrenfeindt Das Geld liegt Hektik 3:44
Trishula Time Waits For No Man I Want It All 4:05
Gypsy Pistoleros The Greastest Flamenco Forever Is Para Siempre 3:50
Gypsy Pistoleros The Greastest Flamenco The Crazy Loco Loquito 4:13
Shotgun Mistress Single Glorious Machine 3:47
Vice Squad Battle Of Britain When You Where 2:47
Memories Of Old The Zeramin Game Some Day Soon 4:47
Dangerous Project Cosmic Vision Keeper Of The Sun 4:05
Nightmare Aeternam Lights On 3:45
Frankie&The Studs Single Victim 0:52



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Torch Reignited Feed The Flame 4:14
Attick Demons Daytime Stories Devil´s Crossroad 5:12
The Casanovas Reptilian Overlord Hollywood Riot 3:30
Cellar Stone One Fine Day One Fine Day 4:24
Hell In The Club Hell Of Flame Here Today Gone Tomorrow 3:46
Eskimo Callboy MMXX Hate Love 3:04
Soulbound Addicted To Hell Crash And Burn 3:22
Vice Squad Battle Of Britain How The Order Half Lives 2:22
Kenziner The Last Horizon Keep The Flame Alive 4:25
Sinsid Enter The Gate Point Of No Return 4:47
BYFIST In The End Unconscious Suicide 3:27
Death Dealer Conquered Lands Sorcerer Supreme 4:29
Vanishing Point Dead Elysium Count Your Days 4:15



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Band Of Brothers Angel Is Calling Hitman 4:08
Rockenbolle Der Teufel spielt R´R Der Teufel spielt R´R 3:30
Kat The Last Convoy Blackout 4:02
Rockenbolle Der Teufel spielt R´R Roadcrew 3:45
Overland Scandalous Hole In My Heart 3:46
Rockenbolle Der Teufel spielt R´R Peacemaker 2:34
Brüder4Brother Brotherhood Yor Me & The Night 3:54
Mad Max Stormchild Rising Hurricaned 3:26
Rockenbolle Der Teufel spielt R´R Way Of Life 2:55
Blue Öyster Cult That Was Me That Was Me 3:15
Rockenbolle Der Teufel spielt R´R Überschallblues 2:16
Rockenbolle Der Teufel spielt R´R R.A.M.O.N.E.S 1:12
Atlas Parallel Love Without You 1:45
01.10.20: Studiogäste: Kay & Krille von Rockenbolle



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Ekko Park Horizon Tea And Toast 3:42
Blues Pils Holy Mol Dreaming My Life Away 2:42
Kaasin Single Runaway Train 3:31
Fortress Under Siege Atlantis Love Enforcer 3:55
Thundermother Heat Wave Bad Habits 3:32
Thundermother Heat Wave Into The Mud 3:11
The Cheats Cussin' Crying 'N' Lil Timebomb 3:21
Winter´s Verge Ballad Of James Tig I Accept 4:30
Drei Meter Feldweg Gewinner Die Nacht der Alkohol und wir 2:51
Drei Meter Feldweg Gewinner Herzfeind 3:05
Tina Schüssler Verwirrte Welt Gedanken springen 3:34
Landfall Single Road Of Dreams 4:31
Flexx Bronco A Fistful More R´R Heart On The Floor 3:01
Blak Earth Single Voyager 4:43
Versengold Nordlicht niemals sang- und klanglos 1:16



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Airforce Strike Hard Band Of Brothers 4:57
Night Laser Power Of Power Kiss Ne Today 4:39
Mentalist Freedom Of Speech Your Throne 4:42
Night Laser Power Of Power Blind Man´s Reign 4:23
Ghost Of Sunset Headed West Headed West 3:23
Hell In The Club Hell Of Fame Nostalgia 3:50
Night Laser Power Of Power Prime Minister Of R´R 3:49
Kollektiver Brechreiz Seemannsgrab Berlin und Drüben 4:26
Night Laser Power To Power Thousand Years 3:12
10.09.20: Studiogäste: Benno und Robert von NIght Laser



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Left For Dead LFD Bulletproof 4:10
The Baboon Show I Never Say Goodnight I Never Say Goodnight 3:41
Black In. River Single Sulphur Sky 2:24
Big Clyde Never A Deadend Coffee To Go 3:24
Kollektiver Brechreiz Seemannsgrab Nicht mein Tag 3:51
Nachtland Nachtland Kleingeist 3:15
Versengold Nordlicht Butter bei die Fische 3:37
Perfect Plan Time For A Miracle Heart To Stone 3:33
Ferreira Come And Gt It We Don’t Need A Plan 3:37
Radio Hate A Bether Way Black Collar Crime 3:15
It`Salie Lilith Hurt 3:12
It´Salie Lilith Fire 3:13
Stryper Even The Devil Believes Blood From Above 3:16
Joe Bouchard Strange Legends Walk Of Fame 3:36
Intelligent Musik P. Life Motion We Keep Running 1:45



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Tony Mitchell Church Of A Restless Soul Church Of A Restless Soul 4:51
Boerney Deutschrocker Geile Stadt geile Leute 3:53
Band Of Brother Two Angel Is Calling 3:23
Boerney Deutschrocker Wild Generation 3:49
Rockenbolle Der Teufel spielt R`R Peacemaker 2:34
Stormburst Highway To Heaven Who Do You Think You Are 2:44
Boerney Deutschrocker Armageddon 4:38
Tanna Storm In Paradise This Town Ain´t Big Enough 4:08
Broadway Calls Sad In The City Sad In The City 3:04
Boerney Deutschrocker Ram Bam 3:44
Boerney Deutschroker Easy Rider 0:53
27.08.20: Studiogast: Boerney


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Butterfly Doorways Of Time Heavy Metal Highway 4:25
Black Hawk Destination Hell Speed Ride 3:42
Furies Fortune´s Gate Voodoo Chains 4:50
Switchblade Old God´s Return The Best Next To You 3:45
Black Hawk Destination Hell Hate 4:06
Canedy Warrior Out For Blood 3:29
Black Hawk Destination Hell Voices From The Dark 4:05
Suburban Resistance Suburban Resistance Dead City Girl 2:36
Black Hawk Destination Hell Masters Of Metal 4:36
Frontiers All Stars Single Push Through 1:25
13.08.20: Studiogäste: Udo & Zottel von Black Hawk



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Dastardly Dudes Heart Breaker Party Animals 3:04
PSSR Single Busted 2:58
Prins Svart Under Jord Om Det Doom Viskar 3:24
Shinning Black Shinning Black Where Are Your Gods 3:37
Amaranthe Manifest Viral 2:54
Blind Channel Single Left Outside 3:42
Drei Meter Feldweg Gewinner Was uns bewegt 3:42
Broadway Calls Sad In The City Meet Me On The Moon 1:59
Pure Tonic Bliss n’ Bleakness No Worries 3:17
Arctic Rain The One Lost 3:58
Eden Murrh Single Valiant 2:31
The Hu The Gereg Yuve Yuve Yu 4:08
Lionheart The Reality Of Miracles Widows 4:26
Season Of Dreams My Shelter Mr. Blacky 3:16
Adkins The Wrong Side See Right Through 2:10



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Massiv Wagons House Of Noise Bangin In Your Stereo 2:47
Blazing Rust Line Of Danger Crawling Blind 4:08
Left For Dead LFD End Of The Line 3:06
Joseph Boys Rochus Alle Gleich 1:56
Gypsy Pistoleros Single Una para todo es Bandido 4:13
Mother´z Boyzz Pink Cadillac Shake Snake Boogie 2:23
Brüder4Brother Brotherhood Burn Fire Burn For Me 3:40
Speed Stroke Scene Of The Crime Who FKD Who 3:26
Blue Pills Holy Moly Kiss My Past Goodbye 2:53
Night Laser Power To Power Thousand Years 3:12
Tokyo Motor Fist Lions Mean It 4:22
PSSR Single Last Time 2:20
Bloody Heels Ignite The Sky Stand Your Ground 3:39
Broadway Calls Sad In The City Meet Me On The Moon 1:59
Blackballed Elephant In The Room Mother Earth 3:46
The Razorblades Howlin’ At T.Copycats Howlin’ At The Copycats 0:42



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Bloody Heels Ignite The Sky Ignite The Sky 3:27
Damnation Angels Fiber Of Our Being More Than Human 4:33
RomuvoS The Baltic Crusade Skuodas 5:08
Fraise The Fifth Sun Wake Up Shinning 4:32
Tokyo Motor Fist Lions Around Midnight 2:43
UDO We Are One Mother Earth 4:07
UDO We Are One Future Is The Reason Why 4:52
Primal Fear Metal Commando I Am Alive 4:29
Royal Glam A ´n ´E Devile o Woman 3:58
Carthagods The Monster In Me The Devil´ s Dolls 4:58
Domination Black Judement IV Center Of The Universe 4:17
Stereolith Escape Velocity Common Cause 4:57



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Magick Touch Heads Have Got to R`R Your First Rodeo 3:43
Phil & The Drills Stupid Good Looking Right On The Money 4:43
Mother´z Boyzz Pink Cadillac Big Bad Mama 2:45
Vega Grit Your Truth Man On A Mission 3:18
Smakebound 20/20 Run 2:50
Shit Tinnies Single Point To Prove 2:56
Dead Lord Surrender Distance Over Time 3:26
Jet Jaguar Endless Nights Up To The Top 3:26
Doro Single Brickwall 3:39
Hank Von Hell Dead Am I Wrong 3:14
Hank Von Hell Dead Danger Danger 2:58
The Hu The Gereg Wolf Totem 3:20
Pinnacle Point Symphony Of Mind Weight Of The World 4:05
Seven Eleven Breaking Down The Wall Backstrike 3:55



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Turbo Distortion Les flammes de l'enfer Let´s Rock 3:11
Reach Higher Ground The Law 3:16
Smakebound 20/20 Drive It Like You Stole It 3:31
Fools Errant Decade Fireflies 3:10
Cory Marks Who I Am Outlaws & Outsiders 3:13
The Pretty Reckless Single Death By Rock´n Roll 3:41
Horisont Sudden Death Runaway 3:45
The Mercy Kills Happy To Kill You Alone 2:41
Turple Wooden Box Get With The Program 4:02
Shinning Black Shinning Black Just Another Day 4:12
The New Bardots Already Been Chewed Change Reaction 3:49
Kaiser F. Josef III Strip My Soul 3:29
Akne Kid Joe die große Palmöllüge Pizza Napoletana 2:43
The Other Haunted The Silence After The Show 3:44
DV Hund Bollwerk Sonnenseite 2:11



Band: Album: Title: Time:
UDO We Are One We Are One 4:09
Dynatzy The Dark Delight Paradise Of The Architect 4:00
Bloody Hells Ignite The Sky Criminal Masterminds 3:36
Jessica Wolff Para Dice Fight Forever 3:24
Primal Fear Metal Commando Along Came The Devil 4:17
Rot Single Sex Drugs & Rock´n Roll 4:07
Graveyard Disciples Devil´s Night Forsaken 3:45
Shit Tinnies Single Town 3:09
Black Knight Road To Victory Legend 4:39
DeVicious Phase Three Calling My Name 4:27
The Other Haunted Turn It Louder 3:12
Turbo Distortion Les flammes de l'enfer Les flammes de l'enfer 3:06
Silk Road Grit For The Pretty Just Like That 2:45
Legion Redemption Face To Face 2:11



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Ancillotti We Are Coming We Are Coming 3:38
Firewind Firewind Orbitual Sunrise 4:40
Operus Score Of Nightmares Where Falcons Fly 4:33
Faryland Osyrhianta Herals Of The Green Lands 4:30
Magnus Karlsson Free Fall Queen Of Fire 4:40
Jessica Wolff Para Dice Ella´s Song 3:09
The Order Supreme Hypocrisy Dreams Are Not The Same 3:52
Stargazery Constellation Self Proclaimed King 4:34
Stargazery Constellation Sinners In Shadows 3:42
Room Experiences Another Time & Place Strangers In The Night 4:03
Globins Blade Of Angles And Snakes Utopia 3:53
Paralydium Worlds Beyond Within The Sphere 5:10
The Headlines Warpaint Blown To Bits 0:37



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Gilby Clarke Single Rock N Roll Is Getting Louder 3:43
Vega Grit Your Teeth Perfection 4:02
Browsing Collection Cyber Space Buffet Break Closed 3:30
House Of Lords New World New Eyes One More 4:31
One Desire Midnight Empire Heros 3:54
Strange Majik 20/20 Edge Of Trust 3:55
She Bites Joyride Heartbreaker 3:55
Trotoar No Salvation Far Away From Home 3:50
Wicked Smile Delirium Stronger 3:32
Bloodbound Bloodheads United Bloodheads United 5:08
Riverside Crow Offtopic Over It Again 3:58
Overlaps In Your Room Who I Am 2:55
Milan Polak Can´t Please Everyone Father 4:13
Double Experience Alignments The Imp 0:31



Band: Album: Title: Time:
The Razorblades Howlin’ At The Copycats Rock N Roll Day 3:15
Overlaps In Your Room In This Room 3:27
Set To Revolt In Vade Spit In Your Face 4:55
Hardbone No Frills Bang Goes The Money 2:52
Thundermother Heat Wave Driving In Style 3:39
American Jetset Sallon Rock Whiskey Walking Contradiction 2:46
High Road Easy High Road Easy Hearts On Fire 3:31
Lüt Mersmak LÜTetro 3:45
Stråle Bourbon Souls Strääling 3:41
Stråle Bourbon Souls Wasted 3:13
Electric Mob Discharge Devil You Know 4:06
Room Experience Another Time And Place Strangers In The Night 4:04
Brother Firetribe Feel The Burn Bring On The Rain 3:03
Saphhhire Eyes Magic Moments Just Leave Me 4:08



Band: Album: Title: Time:
OZ Forced Commandents Goin Down 2:48
Palace Reject The System Valhalla Land 4:07
Coffeinne Requiem The Showdown 4:29
Bullets & Octane Riot Riot Rock N Roll Heaven Can Wait 2:56
Hardbone No Frills Breaking The Chains 4:22
Massiv Wagons House Of Noise In It Together 3:49
Double Experience Alignments New Me 3:37
Lüt Mersmak We Will Save Scandirock 2:26
1000 Mods Youth Of Dissent Lucid 3:38
Firewind Firewind Rising Fire 3:18
Altaria Divinity Unchain The Rain 3:38
Black Phantom Zero Hour Schattenjäger 3:30
Devilskin Red The Victor 3:35
Biest Stirb oder friss Halte es aus 3:29
Asgard Ragnarokkr Rituals 3:47



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Christian Shields This Is Rock N Roll Rock N Roll 3:29
The Wild Still Believe In R´n R Playing With Fire 3:59
Bullets & Octane Riot Riot Rock N Roll Addicted To Outrage 3:47
The Headlines Warpaint Underdog 3:18
Browsing Collection Cyber Space Buffet Pizza Slice Paradise 2:50
O'Reillys/ Paddyhats Dogs On The Leash Dogs On The Leash 4:12
O'Reillys/ Paddyhats Dogs On The Leash Captain Without A Ship 3:58
Cornerstone Reflections Nothern Light 3:19
Reach Higher Ground Higher Ground 3:29
Lars Eric Mattsson Hot And Able Don´t Through Away 3:35
Heavysaurus Retter die Welt Retter der Welt 3:34
Five Ways To Nowhere Bite Hard Wildstyle 3:02
Monday Shock Awakenings Your Side 3:35
Shyyne Go Your Own Way Movin On 4:47



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Mortician Titans Can't Stop Rock'n Roll 2:55
Blizzen World In Chains Gates Of Hell 4:22
Allen/ Olzon Worlds Apart I’ll Never Leave You 4:43
Darker Half If You Only Knew Falling 5:03
Bonfire Fistful Of Fire Rock'n'Roll Survivors 3:47
Bonfire Fistful Of Fire Warrior 3:32
Dynazty The Dark Delight The Road To Redemption 3:37
DeVicious Phase Three Mysterious 4:12
The Headlines Warpaint Sounds From The Underground 2:46
Dark Horizon Single The Key 4:29
Cloven Hoof Age Of Steel Apathy 4:14
Semblant Obscura Insomnia 3:20
Shyyne Go Your Own Way Friday Nite 3:41
Two Big MCs Live At Patrimonio What´s Going On 0:33



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Captain Black Beard Sonic Forces Time To Deliver 3:30
Passon Passion Back 3:21
Peter & The TTB Fuctifano Screwed Down 2:15
Blues Pils Holy Moly Proud Woman 3:16
Boerney Deutschrocker Armageddon 4:37
Itchy Ja als ob Faust 2:48
Double Experience Alignments Something’s Got To Give 3:17
Dirty Shirley Dirty Shirley Siren Song 3:56
Wicked Smile Delirium Love´s Got A Hold On You 3:20
Grim Blood This Ones About Fightin 3:54
Arkado Never Say Never Eagle 4:16
Hartmann Pearls & Gems Fire And Water 3:50
Rong Kong Koma Lebe Dein Traum Eine Million Seile 3:05
V.E.R.U.S Doktrin Stunde Null 4:18
Bullets & Octane Riot Riot Rock N Roll Aint Gonna Be Your Dog 1:33



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Shakra Mad World Still Rock 2:57
Newman Ignition Worth Dying For 4:26
Wild King Back Home Long Way Back To Home 4:20
Gotthard 13 Bad News 3:20
Ross The Boss Born Of Fire Born Of Fire 3:04
Metal Church From The Vault Dead On The Vine 3:55
One Desire Midnight Empire After You´re Gone 5:11
Stitch Pig Reviva StitchPig Revival Gator Tale 3:41
Fallen Arise Enigma Enigma 5:48
Everal Falling Down I Bleed 4:01
Semblant Obscura Murder Of Crows 3:44
Her Chariot Awaits Her Chariot Awaits Dead Go 4:20
Grand Design V The Warrior 2:07



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Intense Songs Of A Broken Head Above Water 4:24
Black Hawk Destination Hell Masters Of Metal 4:36
Scarlet Aura Stormbreaker I Am The One 3:51
Ozzy Osbourne Ordinary Men Under The Graveyard 4:54
Deadrisen Deadrisen Destiny 5:01
Lucifer Lucifer Ghosts 3:57
Billy Talent Single Reckless Paradise 3:19
Confess Burn 'em All Burn 'em All 2:37
Pain City Rock And Roll Hearts 99 Luftballons 3:04
Bonfire Fistful Of Fire Ride The Blade 4:03
Badd Kharma On Fire Light In The Dark 3:58
Voodoo Six Simulation Game Gone Forever 4:16
Sebel Corona Song Zusammenstehen 2:32



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Badd Kharma On Fire Living Inside A Dream 4:18
Collateral Collateral Promiseland 3:20
Itchy Ja Als Ob Auf Dem Gewissen 2:42
Black Hawk Destination Hell Speed Ride 3:42
Serious Black Suite 226 Heaven Shall Burn 3:16
Danny Veras Under The Influence Blinded 4:34
Peter & Test Tube Babies Fuctifano Cydrated 2:42
Crosson R´R Love Affair R´R Love Affair 3:37
Crosson R´R Love Affair Possessed 3:33
Rainium Sounds Of Berlin In The Dead Of Winter 4:15
Cold Years Paradise Night Like This 3:16
Beneath My Sins Decide Here With You 3:28
Ani Lo Projekt A Time Called Forever Feel Inside 3:10
Night Flight Ochestra Aeromantic Servants Of The Air 5:35



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Formosa Danger Zone Sold My Soul 3:44
Allen Olzon Single Worlds Apart 4:14
Anvil Legal At Last Nabbed In Nebraska 4:29
Game Zero We Are Right You´ve Got To Move On 4:10
Mallet Rock n‘ Roll Heroes Like A Devil 2:53
Motorjesus Live Resurrection The Dead Army 3:54
Blind Ego Preading To The Choir Burning Alive 4:27
Secret Rule Against Deep Solitude 3:33
Pain City Rock And Roll Hearts Forever 3:37
Pain City Rock And Roll Hearts Soul To Soul 3:10
Spider Hotel Club Single Bad Addiction 3:11
Our Mirage Unseen Relations Unseen 3:28
Pyogenesis A Silent Soul I Can't Breathe 4:29
The Ragged Saints Sonic Playground Secret In Our Hearts 1:59



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Crosson Rock N Roll Love Affair Everyone´s A Star 4:48
Gotthard 13 Missteria 3:11
Brother Firetribe Single Rock in the City 3:30
Alfred Rock Hernandez Evolution Rolling and Rolling 4:16
Shakra Mad World Too Much Is Not Enough 3:38
Grand Design V Right Away 4:10
Wicked Smile Single We Fall 3:45
Highway 50 Couch Potatoe Gone Amiss 4:34
Night Flight Orchestra Aeromantic Divinyls 3:38
Collateral Collateral Won´t Stop Me Dreamin 3:02
Mallet Rock n‘ Roll Heroes Like A Devil 2:53
Nicki Puppet Into The Wild Silent Symphon 3:33
Shaft Of Steel Steel Heartbeat Lucky Girl 4:08
Black Swan Shake The World Unless We Change 2:01



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Pussies On The Dancefloor P.O.T.D Where Are My Pants 4:08
Black Swan Shake The World Shake The World 4:33
Archon Angle Fallen Fallen 4:18
Anvil Legal At Last Nabbed In Nebraska 4:29
Passion Passion Too Bad For Baby 347
Unzucht Jenseits der Welt Jenseits der Welt 4:29
Re Machined Wheels Of Time No Master 4:05
Storm Force Age Of Fear Law 3:49
Jesse Damon Damon´s Rage Love Gone Wild 4:26
Blacksmith Legacy Battalions Of The Northern Far From The Light 3:50
Wolfpakk Nature Strikes Back Under Surveillance 4:03
Ricky Diamond Already Dead Ride Your Time 5:48
Oiro Mahnstufe X Fahr zur Hölle 0:20



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Mindless Sinner Poltergeist Heavy Metal Mayhem 4:43
Brothers Of Metal Emblas Saga Brothers Unite 3:38
Black Swan Shake The World Shake The World 4:33
Five Finger Death Punch F8 Inside Out 4:01
Blind Revolution Money Love Night Money And Run 4:15
Blind Revolution Money Love Night Mary Ann 3:45
British Lion The Burning Lightning 4:51
Mystic Prophecy Metal Division Metal Division 3:24
Invictus Eden Through The Storm 3:58
Autumn´s Child Autumn´s Child Face The Music 2:41
Two Too Many Two Too Many Drift Away 3:18
Zero Theorem The Killing Threat 3:16
Eighty One Hundred Heaven In Flames Heaven In Flames 5:02



Band: Album: Title: Time:
The Ragged Saints Sonic Playground Never Gonna Let You Down 4:18
Sign X Like A Fire Shine 4:03
Marty & The Bad Punch Walk A Straight Line My Demons 4:05
Sign X Like A Fire Sign 3:29
Pussies On T.Dancefloor POTD Naughty Boy 3:52
The Vibes The World Is Yours Super Cunt 2:54
Sign X Like A Fire Free Your Mind 3:55
Desmönt Dee Badass Attitude This Is Rock n Roll 3:16
Sign X Like A Fire Storm 4:32
Nasty Ratz Secound Chance? Pop S. 1:12
Studiogäste: Oli, Basti und Steve von Sign X



Band: Album: Title: Time:
A Life Divided Echoes Push 4:22
Mallet Rock n Roll Heros The Revenant 3:27
Nasty Ratz Second Chance? Against The World 3:41
Storm Force Age Of Fear Vegas 3:28
Wolfpakk Nature Strikes Back One Day 3:32
Pröwess Blacktop Therapy Welcome Home 2:28
Pröwess Blacktop Therapy Lookin For A Bullet 2:45
Boerney Deutschrocker Geile Stadt Geile Leute 3:52
Lordi Killection Up To No Good 3:58
Jorn Lande Heavy Rock Radio II Needles And Pins 3:39
Dirty Shirley Dirty Shirley Dirty Blues 3:28
Sonic X Band Fly Around The World Nasty Weather 3:27
Fuzzphase Energized Whiskey Love 2:49
Meltdown Yellow Secret Be My Secret 3:47
Shark Island Bloodline Make A Move 1:40



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Human Fortress Reign Of Gold Thunder 4:29
Bellybuster When the Morning Come Whatcha Gonna Do About It 3:40
Knightmare Space Nights Witchburn 4:44
Axel One Single Jeanny 5:17
Molly Hatchet Battleground Whiskey Man 3:45
I Within Misfit Pray To God 3:37
Shark Island Bloodline Aktion Is 4:14
Strider Dominion Of Steel We Are Strider 4:13
Erdling Yggdrasil Wir sind Midgard 3:18
Unherz Mainstream Mainstream 3:32
Steel Rush Through The Night Take Me Away 4:34
Shadow Breaker Shadow Breaker More Than Feeling Alive 3:52
Wicked Plan Land Of Fire Double Game 2:40



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Luca Sellitto The Voice Within Into The Light 3:22
Deaf Rat Ban The Light Save Me From Myself 4:27
Coronatus Empinence Of Nature Midsommer 3:33
Love & War Edge Of The World Edge Of The World 4:01
Sick Red Sick Red My Real Me 3:05
Nordn Sorry Alles 3:21
SL Theory Cipher If You Saw Me Dead 4:56
Steel Prophet The God Machine Love 4:00
Patrick Hemer Writings´s On The Wall In The Blood 4:58
Edge Of Reason Sting Come True 3:19
Eleine All Shall Burn All Shall Burn 4:16
Ghostreaper Straight Out Of Hell Black Widow 3:05
Nightglow Rage Of A Bleedin Overlord 3:40


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Roadhouse Diet Electric Devilry Soulless Sinister 3:04
Bad Wolves Nation Killing Me Slowly 3:41
Fighter V Fighter Frontline 3:25
The Glorious Sons Wild Eyes Kick Them Wicked Things 2:52
Signum Regis The Seal Of A New World Never Surrender 4:10
The Way Frequency Of Spirit Mona Lisa Smiles 3:39
Wolf Jaw The Heart Won’t Listen Piece Of Me 3:50
Crow´s Flight The Storm The Path To Follow 3:29
Sign X Like A Fire Storm 4:14
Metalite Biomechanicals Victory Of Death 3:54
Die Grüne Welle Wirf Dein Leben Weg Dämonen 3:17
Bitume Kaputt Hinfallen Aufstehen 3:23
Carlos Martinez Single Arrogance Of Mankind 2:17
Vandallus Outbreak Shotgun Lady 2:53
Lipz Single Dangerous 3:11


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Fighter V Fighter Turn It Up 2:31
The Offenders Class Of Nations Rose Thorn 2:53
Wayward Sons The Truth Ain´t As Black As Sin 2:41
Razorbats Single White Trash Radio 3:50
Double Crush Syndrome Death To Pop Cocaine Lips 3:13
Mats Karlsson The Time Optimist Function Over Fashion 4:06
Die Grüne Welle Wirf Dein Leben Weg Teilchrist 3:02
Airborne Bornshaker Sex To Go 2:32
Burnt Out Wreck This Is Hell Guitars Electrified 3:37
Vandallus Outbreak Outbreak 2:58
Destrends Single Medication 3:29
Metafiction Cabaret Beautific Charms Happiness Officer 3:49
Sorrowhearts Where The Good Men Come One Come All 3:17
VA Rocks I Love VA Rocks Hit The Road 2:47
Royal Republic Club Majesty Flower Power Madness 3:13
Psychopunch Greetings From Suckerville Let´s Do It Again 1:40


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Crystal Eyes Starbourne Traveler Midnight Radio 4:04
Velvet Viper The Pale Man The Wheel Has Come 5:05
Freaks & Clowns Freaks & Clowns Freaks & Clowns 3:50
Spyder Byte When The Lights Tonight 2:59
Borthers Of Metal Emblas Saga Njord 3:29
Human Fortress Reign Of Gold Legion Of The Damned 3:24
Rexoria Ice Breaker Velvet Horses 3:23
Kingcrown A Perfect World The End Is Near 4:31
Crystal Viper Tales Of Fire And Ice Bright Lights 3:32
Subterfuge Prometheus Nightfall 4:02
Magic Kingdom Met Almighty So Fragile 3:40
Spitful Flame To The Night Bad Boys 3:51
2n Sight Samsara Balancing Act 3:02
Ghostreaper Straight Out Of Hell Farewell 1:30


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Wrecking Crew Fun In The Doghouse Round And Round 4:40
Turbokill Vice World Track N´Spy 4:27
First Bourne Pick Up The Torch Riot 3:34
Crusade Of Bards Tales Of Bards & Beats The Golden Vessel 3:47
Stacy Crowne We Sound Electric Some Equals None 2:54
Redline Gods & Monsters Stand And Fight 3:11
Adrian Benegas The Revenant Inferno 4:18
Dawnlight Until The Dark Sun Starlight 3:29
Keen Hue Heyday OrgeKing 3:33
Sign X Like A Fire Free Your Mind 3:55
A New Tomorrow A New Tomorrow I Wanna Love 3:41
Psychopunch Greeting From Suckerville Shut Your Fucking Mouth 2:47
Love Killers Lovekillers Now Or Never 3:47
Ray Wilson Upon My Life Easier That Way 4:13


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Mr. Myst We Will Rise 2FU4U 4:45
CoreLeoni II Il Live For Money 3:14
Double Crush Syndrome Death To Pop Death To Pop 2:58
Destrends Single Medication 3:30
Larrikins für die die geblieben sind Mit dem Rücken zur Wand 3:52
Buckets N Joints Offline Take Me To The Spring 4:05
Mats Karlsson The Time Optimist Real Gone 3:14
Turbokill Vice World Global Monkey Show 3:43
R.U.S.T.X Center of the Universe Defendre Le Rock 4:32
Stormwarrior Norsemen Freeborn 4:56
Spyder Byte When The Lights Rockabilly Betty 2:54
Märzfeld Zorn Reich 3:22
The Russ Berquist Project The Russ Bergquist Project Stabbed In The Back 4:02
First Bourne Pick Up The Torch Breaking Chains 3:31



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Deaf Rat Ban The Light Hail The End Of Days 4:14
Sloppy Joe´s Devil´s Music Devil´s Music 5:25
Dead Express Brain Damage Dynamite 2:17
Pretty Maids Undress Your Madness Serpentine 4:03
Sloppy Joe´s Devil´s Music Ups N Downs 4:21
Wayward Sons The Truth Ain´t Wait Feel Good Hit 3:18
Dream Company The Wildest Season Love Is Possession 3:21
Sloppy Joe´s Devil´s Music Mirror 4:46
Sloppy Joe´s Devil´s Music Some Broken Hearts 3:32
Edge Of Paradise Edge Of Paradise Universe 2:48
Tyketto Strength In Numbers The End Of The Summer Days 2:01
14.11.2019: StudiogästeSloppy Joe´s



Band: Album: Title: Time:
The Ferrymen A New Evil You Against The World 4:00
Burn Out Wreck This Is Hell Dead Or Alive 4:40
Dead Express Brain Damage Attitude 2:35
House Of Shakira Radiocarbon Delusion 3:12
The Dead Amigos Single Hold Out 4:25
Edge Of Paradise Universe Alone 3:50
Power Theory Force Of Will Shadow Of Man 4:32
Psychopunch Greetings From Suckerville Let´ s Do It Again 2:50
VA Rocks I Love VA Rocks The Code Of The Road 3:22
VA Rocks I Love VA Rocks Here Comes Trouble 2:28
Conjuring Fate Curse Of The Fallen No Escape 4:12
Stormburner Shadow Rising Men At Arms 4:20
Vanden Plas The Ghostxperiment The Ghostxperiment 4:15
Driving Force All Aboard Nemesis 3:03



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Rexoria Ice Breaker In The Wild 3:44
Block Buster Losing Gravity Flammable 2:37
BadName Are You Ready For Me Don´t Waste My Time 3:04
The Ferrymen A New Evil A New Evil 3:47
Ascenders Let Me Fight Let Me Fight 3:32
Michaels Bormann Jaded Heart Feels Like Yesterday Just More Step Away 3:50
Aerodyne Damnation Murder In The Rys 4:00
Aerodyne Damnation Kill Or Be Killed 3:38
Bullring Break Dawn The Gate I´ll Snatch Your Tongue 3:16
Millennium A New World Assassin 4:02
Mister Misery Unalive Rebels Calling 3:27
Danger Zone Don´t Count On Heros Breakaway 4:23
Mick Devine Hear Now Live Forever 3:34
Moran Magal Under Your Bed Under Your Bed 2:55


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Track Of Rock Track Of Rock Let´s Rock 4:35
Carl Dixon One The Blood Rise 4:18
Dawn Of Destiny The Beast Inside Signs In The Sky 4:13
Kingswood Single Say You Remember 4:09
Metalficition Cabaret Beautiful Charms Happiness Officer 3:49
Sloppy Joe´s True Rockaholics Devil´s Music 4:45
Nordn Sorry Sorry 3:40
Prime Creation Tears Of Rage All For My Crown 3:59
Metalite Biomechanicals Far From The Sanctuary 4:10
Screamer Highway Of Heros Highway Of Heros 3:37
Santa Cruz Katharisis True Believer 3:15
M. Bormann Jaded Heart Feels Like Yesterday Mr. Mysterious 3:36
Bullring Break Down The Gate You´re Just What 2:55


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Hammerschmitt Dr. Evil Saints Of Rock 3:46
CoreLeoni II Queen Of Hearts 4:35
Liv Sin Burning Sermons The Sinner 2:52
Flickertrail Single Right Behind The Eyes 4:13
Elvenking Reader Of The Runes Sic Semper Tyrannis 3:49
Sorrowhearts Where To Good Men Come One Come All 3:17
Blazing Fire Sounds Of The Wasteland Fight For Your Dreams 3:49
Spermbirds Go To Hell Then Turn Left Go To Hell Then Turn Left 2:38
Bitch Queens City Of Class Süperböy 3:21
Bitch Queens City Of Class City Of Class 2:41
Psycho Village Unstoppable Foxrain 2:55
Crystal Viper Still Alive Still Alive 3:38
Degen Extravaganz Schattenmann 3:21
Freedom & Pain The Ghost I´ve Sworn Long Live Metal 4:36
Driving force All Aboard Sticky Shid Kid 1:30


Band: Album: Title: Time:
The New Roses Nothing But Wild Can´t Stop Rock & Roll 3:35
Ivory Tower Stronger Life Will Fade 5:16
Freedom Call Metal Metal 4:16
Los Pepes Positive Negative Frustration 3:05
Redlizzard The Black Album Let It Rock 3:15
Saint Deamon Ghost Captain 4:29
Spermbirds Go To Hell Then Turn Breathe Deep 1:55
The Glorious Sons A War On Everything Panic Attack 3:05
Sinner Santa Muerte Lucky 13 3:27
Tungsten We Will Rise The Fairies Dance 3:45
Tungsten We Will Rise Sweet Vendetta 3:33
Wash Of Sounds Heaven´s Crying Fight 3:46
The 69 Eyes West End Cheyenna 4:04
Russ Bergquist Russ Bergquist Project Caged 3:19


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Phil Campell Old Lions Still Roar These Old Boots 5:04
Badhoven All The Worlds Is Masters Of The Game 4:14
Eighteenth Hour Eighteenth Hour Denial 3:39
Rocket Love Greetings From Like Endless Distant Sky 3:43
Sinner Santa Muerte Last Exit Hell 3:57
Razor Punch Tell Me Your Secret Revolution 3:53
Razor Punch Tell Me your Secret Take The Ride 3:46
The Defaints Zokusho Fallin For You 5:12
Axe Final Offering Bad Romance 4:32
The Universe By Ear II Temperament Apathy 3:13
Red Hot Chilli Pipers Fresh Air Shut Up And Dance 4:11
Into The Unknow Breaking The Silence Live Your Life 2:43
Unruly Child Big Blue World The Hard Way 1:15



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Seventh Son Arc Of Infinity Behind Their Smile 4:03
Pages 38 Burning The M. Call Get Even 3:46
Big Iron D Madness Fast Rider 3:33
Capricorn Soul Engine Another Day 3:02
Elvenking Reader Of The Runes Silverseal 3:36
Elixir Inc On The Razzle Keep It Up 4:04
Jimi Anderson Group I Belong Wonderful Tokyo Nights 3:58
Spread Eagle Subway To The Stars Grand Scam 3:29
Lordi Recordead Live Would You Love A Monster 3:07
Tarchon Fist Apocalypse Sky Rider 4:12
Tarchon Fist Apocalypse No Mercy For The Emeny 2:52
Die Taucher Landgang Unsterblich 2:35
War Of Thorns Conflict In Creation Rule The World 3:29
Edge Of Blame Predicted Of My Soul Prisoner In My Shame 3:06
Jimi Anderson Group I Belong I Am Believer 1:45


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Nightrider Rock Machine Vanishing Point 4:16
Manntra Okay In The Shadows 2:59
Scarlet Rebels Show Your Colours You Take My Breath 3:29
Stargazery Eye On The Sky Jester Of Kings 3:13
Eclipse Paradigm United 3:38
Crystal Ball 2020 Dance With The Devil 3:07
Crystal Ball 2020 Maysay 3:07
The Torch Chasing Light Black Wings 2:46
Acsenders Let Me Fight Thunderstorm 3:07
Montreal Hier & Heute Nicht Hier & Heute Nicht 2:32
Licence Never 2 Old 2 Rock N2O2R 3:34
Sunroad Headstrokes Lick My Lips 4:05
Love & War Edge Of The World Edge Of The World 3:31
Reternity Facing The Demon I Love The Night 2:52
The Forth Captivity Can Help Falling In Low 2:22
St. James Rawkaholic Sampler Crank It Up 1:30


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Block Buster Losing Gravity Move 3:52
Marching Out Rock Will Never Die No One Can Stop We Rock 4:18
Fretless Damnation Let´s Get High 4:27
Kneipenterroristen Alte Schule Rocker 2:23
Crashdiet Rust Reptile 3:24
Picture Wings Is It Real 2:32
Liv Sin Burning Sermons Blood Moon Fever 3:12
Sabaton The Great War Great War 4:24
Stacy Crowne We Sound Electric Oblivion 4:07
Scarlet Rebels Show Your Colours Nothing To Say 3:05
Subztain Single Angrar Du Nagonting 3:40
Thunderfuck Dirty Sleazy R´R Get My Hole 2:23
Sacrilege Court Of The Insane I Can Hear The Silence 4:44
Reportage Escape This World Hiding Inside 4:29


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Reportage Escape This World Ride The Stream 4:08
Merging Flare Revolt Regime Mind´s Eye 4:57
Sabaton The Great War The Red Baron 2:51
Dirt Supercharged My Own Curse 3:06
Picture Wings Empty Room 3:43
Vitja Thirst Back 3:41
Sweet Oblivion Sweet Oblivion A Recess From My Fate 4:06
Northtale Welcome To Paradise Higher 3:42
Twilight Force Dawn Of Dragonstar Night Of Winterlight 5:01
Narnia From Darkness To Light The Amor Of God 3:51
The Trigger The Time Of Miracles Ashes And Bones 4:15
Glasya Heavens´s Demise Coronation Of A Beggar 5:11
Turilli & Leone Zero Gravity Phoenix Rising 3:17


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Licence Never 2 Old 2Rock Loud N Proud 3:24
Merging Flare Revolt Regime The Abyss Of Time 4:50
Pure Tonic Bliss N Bleakness Caraway Brandy 2:26
Tungsten We Will Rise We Will Rise 3:23
Colorvine Wake Up Happy Broken He 3:11
Forth Captivity On Top Of The World 3:20
Spreed Eagle Subway To The Stars Sound Of Speed 3:31
Takida SJU In The Wake 2:52
Bullet Live Riding High 2:57
Kneiperterroristen Alte Schule Hamburger Jungs 3:10
Empyre Self Aware Too Little Too Late 3:24
Roxy Blue Roxy Blue Silver Lining 3:52
Thunderfuck Dirty Sleazy RnR The Finger 3:23
American Tears White Flags Hell Or High Water 5:18
Lordi Recordead Live Mr. Killjoy 1:58


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Cassidy Paris Broken Hearted Song For The Broken Hearted 4:22
Mind Key MK II Hate At First Sight 4:37
Pure Tonic Bliss´n Bleakness On A Raid 3:59
Chaos Magic Furyborn Never Like Before 3:44
Crashdiet Rust Idiots 3:54
Sascha Paeth Single The Time Has Come 4:12
Cornerstone Single Believe In Me 3:53
Henning Hallquist Time Keeper Walk The Wire 4:09
Kneipenterroristen Alte Schule Kneipenterroristen 2.0 3:13
Royal Republik Club Majesty Boomerang 3:26
Royal Republik Club Majesty Flower Power Madness 3:15
Wheels Of Fire Begin Again Tonight Belongs To You 4:05
Myryan Single Like A Dragonfly 4:01


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Turilli & Lione Zero Gravity DNA 4:19
Jorn Lande Live on The Dead Road Mob Rules 4:31
Black Star Riders Another State of Grace Another State Of Grace 3:36
Sweet Oblivion Sweet Oblivion True Colors 4:05
Liv Sin Burning Sermons Blood Moon Fever 3:12
Electric Radio Kings Purr Round Go Mary 2:43
TraumR History Guardians Of Time 5:13
Hollow Haze Between Wild Landsc. Oblivion 3:19
Scarcrow Beyound The Black Wolf in Sleep´s Clothin 4:05
Santa Crux Katharsis Tell Me Why 2:46
N.M.A N.M. A This World 4:12
Walkway Bleed Out Heal Out Bleed Out Heal Out 3:12


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Railroad Narration Rock With Me 4:20
Liar Thied Bandit Singel Fire It Up 3:13
DAD A Prayer For The Loud Nothing Ever Changes 4:14
Majestica Above The Sky Night Call Girl 4:43
Nitrate Open Wide Heart Go Wild 3:55
Sweet Oblivion Sweet Oblivion True Colors 4:46
The Brink Nowhere To Run Don´t Count Me Out 3:32
The Rods Brotherhood of Metal Louder Than Loud 4:16
Rob Moratti Renaissance Let Me Be The One 3:37
Blud Red Roses A Tempest Descends Dark Before The Storm 3:41
Mud & Blood The Evil God Spirits That Terrifying 4:02
Popstar Killers Driven By Fire Killing Ain´t An Argument 2:56
Nitrogods Rebel Dayz Roadwork Ahead 3:27
Alliance Fire And Grace Good Life 1:18


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Warrior Soul Rockn Roll Disease Rock On 3:53
Axenstar End Of All Hope The Unholy 4:00
Hootenanny Freaks Freakshow Jake Brake 4:27
Marching Out Rock Will Never Die Rock Will Never Die 5:19
Stargazery Eye On The Sky How Many Miles 3:44
Taken Unchained Thunder In The Storm 4:01
The Brink Nowhere To Run Said And Done 2:33
Sabaton The Great War Fields Of Verdun 3:17
Crazy Lixx Forever Wild Terminal Velocity 3:52
Crazy Lixx Forever Wild She´s Wearing 3:46
The Rods Brotherhood Of Metal Everybody´s Rockin 3:54
DAD A Prayer For The Loud Burning Star 3:33
Freternia The Gartering Dark Vision 4:38


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Blitz Welcome Rock Show Rock Me 4:20
The Whiskey Hell Bitchhiker Bad Ass Boogie 3:41
Prins Svart Inte Här För Att Stanna Maskinen 3:52
Status On Fire Living In Darkness Moving Forward 2:37
The Whiskey Hell Bitchhiker Bitchhiker 4:24
Wheels Of Fire Begin Again Scratch That Bitch 4:24
The Whiskey Hell Bitchhiker Memphis 97 4:28
Tanzwut Seemannsgarn Das Gewissen 4:08
Mold Horrors Long Shiny Knives 3:58
The Whiskey Hell Bitchhiker Whiskey Dick Contest Blue 4:05
06.06.2019: Studiogäste: Doc Joe & Oly Wallenberg von The Whiskey Hell



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Hardline Life Helio´s Sun 3:36
Popstars Killers Driven By Fire Things 3:00
Stormhammer Seven Seals Seven Seals 3:50
Diviner Realms Of Time Set Me Free 3:59
Floating Worlds Battelship Oceania New Mission 4:06
White Highway Hittin The Road Lighthouse 3:40
Ellis Mano Band Here And No Whiskey 3:10
Kenny W.Shepherd Traveler Woman Like You 3:19
X-Romance Voices From The Past Temporary Love 3:34
Status Of Fire Living In Darkness Time Stand Still 2:54
Zarpa Viento Divino Tiempo De Luchar 3:41
Fortune II Freedom Road 4:51
Burning Amp Dead End Road Why Don´t You Pray 4:26
The End Machine The End Machine Line Of Division 3:01



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Balls Out Let Me In Rock All Day 4:24
Danko Jones A Rock Surpreme Burn In Hell 3:14
The Damned Things High Crimes Omen 4:22
Thunderbolt Singel Thunderbolt 3:11
The Whiskey Hell Bitchhiker Bad Ass Boogie 3:42
The Wild Playing With Fire Helluva Ride 3:03
Whitesnake Flesh & Blood Well I Never 3:59
The Blankz Singel I Don´t Love You 2:16
Fair Skies Through The Storm Somewhere In Between 4:18
Alliance Fire And Grace Raise Your Glass 3:22
Dogface From The End Right Between Your Lies 3:55
Bonfire Live On Holy Ground American Nights 4:26
Big John Bates Skinners Cage Dead Moon Night 3:47
Karo Heavy Birthday II Breakout 2:45



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Blitz Welcome To The Rockshow Believe 3:23
Lance King ReProgram Perfect World 4:23
Continoom Not My War Who We Are 3:57
The Faithless Fighting The Shadows Make Me Mad 3:23
Crazy Lixx Forever Wild Wicked 3:43
Alles mit Stil Gegen jede Vernunft Keine Zeit 3:45
Mass Still Chained Break Out 3:06
Mass Still Chained Kick Your Ass 3:47
Astral Doors Worship Or Die Ride The Clouds 3:50
Razorbats Singel The City 3:40
Black Horizon Dark Light Obsession 4:09
Big John bates Skinners Cage All The Devils 3:23
Steele Prophet The God Machine Dark Mask 3:05
Lonerider Attitude One In A Million 2:25



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Powerroad Kings Before The Daylight Kings Before The Daylight 3:44
Animal Drive Bite Monkey Business 4:02
Damned Things High Crimes Something Good 3:38
Grand Magus Wolf God Brother Of The Storm 3:13
Buckets N Joints Safe By Release Disappear 3:37
Bad Wolves Disobey When 3:21
Qantice The Anastoria Petrified Manor 3:38
The Brink Nowhere To Run Break These Chains 3:16
Lion´s Share Singel Chain Child 4:00
Eluveitie Ategnatos Ambiramus 2:50
Steel Night Fight Till The End Fight Till The End 3:40
Scalet Aura Hot N Heavy Silver City 4:50
De Vicious Reflections Never Let You Go 3:31
The Amazons Future Dust Mother 3:15



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Driven Under Hello Mr. Defeat RNR 4:03
Mike Machine Alive Fight To Survive 3:22
Satan Takes A Holiday A New Sensation Unicorn 2:48
Suzi Quatro No Control Heavy Duty 3:05
King Zebra King Zebra Bad Reputation 4:04
Paragon Controlled Demolition Mean Machine 3:42
Facing Fears Horizon Elusive 4:17
Alchemy Dyadic Nuketown 3:01
Gypsy Rose Reloaded You Are The One 3:56
American Bombshell Tattooed N Bruised Only Rock N Roll 3:18
American Bombshell Tattooed N Bruised Money On The Liquor 3:28
Lustfinger Es gibt nichts zu bereuen Wir sehen uns 3:17
Trucker Diablo Singel Other Side Of The City 3:38
Legion Rising Only The Strong Survive 3:27



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Iron Savior Kill Or Get Killed Roaring Thunder 4:39
Battle Beast No More Hollywood Eden 3:56
Royal Republic Club Majesty Fireman & Dancer 2:46
Rain Or Shine The Darkest Part Of Me Top Of The World 3:46
Grand Magus Wolf God Wolf God 3:45
Steel Prophet The God Machine Crucify 3:59
Bloodbound Rise Of The Dragon The Warlocks Trail 3:51
Bloodbound Rise Of The Dragon Blackwater Bay 3:51
Eternity´s End Unyielding Blood Brothers 3:51
Silver Bullet Moon Cult The Witches Hammer 4:27
The End Machine The End Machine Hard Road 3:59
LA Guns The Devil You Know Rage 3:56
Lord Vampire Death Comes Christvampire 4:02



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Continoom Not My War Music In You 3:50
Double Experience Singel Love Is Not Just Talk 3:36
Aaron Buchanen The Man With Stars Dancin Down Below 3:06
The Ivory Hawks Embrace Change Unholy 3:16
Trishula Scareed To Breathe A Love So Cruel 4:31
Mörtley Crue Singel The Dirt 3:44
Pristine Road Back To Ruin Sinnerman 3:05
Lustfinger Es gibt nichts zu bereuen Wir sehen uns 3:16
The Treatment Power Crazy Hang Them High 3:14
The Treatment Power Crazy On The Money 2:46
Shaggy Fighting Angels Self Destruction 3:35
Massiv Rebuild Destroy Pieces 3:01
Massiv Rebuild Destroy Over And Out 2:25
Bad Boy Eddy Singel She Spits Venom 3:37
Mikael Erlandsson Capricorn Six ok 2:30



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Within Temptation Resist Mad World 5:00
Alchemy Dyadic Endless Quest 3:27
Electric Mary Mother The Way You Make Me Feel 3:02
NH3 Superhero Utopia 3:03
Hardline Life Take A Chance 3:32
Leverage Determin Us Burn Love Burn 4:12
Phil Vincent Hypocrite Broken 3:34
Phil Vincen Hypocrite Long Way Down 4:51
Healer Heading For The Storm What Lovers Do 4:18
Whitesnake Flesh & Blood Shut Up & Kiss Me 3:36
Psychopunch We Are Just As Pleasure Kill 3:40
Bonafide Live At KB Dirtbound 3:40
Sixstrings Cries Of The Soul Easy Rider 4:01



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Brothers Of Metal Prophecy Of Ragnarök Defenders Of Valhalla 3:40
Burning Rain Face The Music Midnight Train 3:36
Blackhorn Dragonfire Dragonfire 3:42
Sebastien Behind The World Fight For Love 3:50
Iron Savior Kill Or Get Killed Roaring Thunder 4:19
Trug Of War Soulfire Bullet With Your Name 4:19
White Highway Hittin The Road Monkey 4:27
Rhapsody Of Fire The Eighth Mountain Rain Of Fury 4:05
Athanasia The Order Of The Silver Compass Spoils Of War 3:46
Epilog Whispers In The Darkness Nightmare 4:04
Find Me Angels In Blue No Tears In Paradise 4:45
Razzia Am Rande von Berlin Am Rande von Berlin 2:42
Darkwater Human Insomnia 2:12


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Razzmattazz Hallelujah Crazy For Rock And Roll 3:50
Slavedown Slavedown Never Means Forever 3:35
Rosy Visra Unbelievable Master Of Control 3:49
Blood Red Saints Pulse I Am Your Devil 3:57
DeVicious Reflections Never Let You Go 3:20
Rantaplan Stay Rudel Stay Rebel Kill den Spiegel 3:41
John Diva &The Rockets Of Love Mama Said Rock Is Dead Wild Life 3:54
John Diva & The Rockets Of Love Mama Said Rock Is Dead Long Legs 3:26
Within Temptation Resist Holy Ground 4:04
Turbobier King Of Simmering Zgroße Schuach 2:54
Bloodsucking Zomies All These Fiendish This Ain´t No Helloween 2:49
Pascow Jade Kriegerin 2:48
Viana Forever Free Do you Remember 2:34
07.03.2019: Telefoninterview mit Torben von Rantaplan


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Rosy Vista Unbelievable Rockin Through The Night 3:46
Mikael Erlangsson Capricorn Six Evil 3:31
Starbreaker Dysphoria Dysphoria 4:26
Razzmattazz Hellelujah Lawbreaker 3:33
Suckerpunch Chasing The Horizion Give It All 3:38
Thornbridge Theatrical Masterpiece Keeper Of The Royal Treasure 4:09
Velvet Insane Velvet Insane Break Out Of Eden 4:15
Backyard Babies Sliver & Gold Good Morning Midnight 2:56
Westbound Singel Never Surrender 4:12
Herman Frank Fight The Fear Hitman 4:10
Herman Frank Fight The Fear Are You Ready 4:26
Dividing Eden Giants Through The Grey 3:55
Dave Groewer Rebirth Into The Jungle 3:29


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Steel Raiser Acciaio Heavy Metal Hero 4:30
Thornbridge Theatrical Masterpiece Set The Sails 4:11
Superseed Superseed My Time Is Now 3:33
Ugly Melon Just A Man My Time 5:12
Why Amnesia Jacks’n’Hearts The Promise 3:19
Imperia Flames Of Eternity My Guardian Angel 4:38
NH3 Superhero Reason 3:54
Steel Engraved Steel Engraved Slave To Yourself 3:53
Steel Engraved Steel Engraved We Will Follow 4:43
Noiskin Hold Sway Over Haze 3:23
The Quintessentials The Satanic Rites Awakened 2:52
Voidnaut Nadir Back From The Grave 4:14
Raven Live In Aalborg All For One 2:53
Magnum Live Symphony Hall Lost On The Road 2:52


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Wake The Nation Heartrock Higher 4:15
Raimund Burke Tribute To Glenn Miller In The Mood 3:14
Cranston II Dead & Gone 3:51
Raimund Burke Tribute To Glenn Miller Little Brown Jug 2:55
D´Erole Made To Burn Slow Motion 2:58
Pascow Jade Unter Geier 3:01
Raimund Burke Tribute To Glenn Miller Pennsylvania 65000 3:06
Danko Jones Wild Cat Dance Dance Dance 3:49
Toby Hitchcock Reckoning This Is Our World 3:46
Raimund Burke Tribute To Glenn Miller StringOf Pearls 3:18
Raimund Burke new Song Time Lapse 1:45
07.02.2019: Studiogast: Raimund Burke



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Gin Annie 100% Proof Born To Rockn Roll 2:58
Jetboy Born To Fly Beating The Odds 4:21
Come Taste The Band Reignition Not That Kind Of Man 4:24
Bloodsucking Zombis All These Fiendish T. Bela Kiss 3:30
Matt Mitchell Black Diamonds Black Diamonds 3:29
Last In Line Singel Landslide 4:46
Lugnet Nightwalker Begging 3:50
Stump Water Shine Controversial Con. Take The Fight Outta You 3:11
Rantaplan Stay Rudel Stay Rebel Maschine 2:28
Wake The Nation Heartrock Tattooed Girl 3:28
Takida Singel Singel 3:21
Viana Forever Free Forever Free 4:11
Wasteland Valley Pantheon Reach For More 3:05
Avantasia Moonglow The Raven Child 5:10



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Spirits Of Fire Singel Light Speed Marching 4:26
Broken Rail Till Death Do Us Strip For Me 3:35
Beast In Black Singel Sweet True Lies 3:23
Metal Inquisitor Panopticon Free Fire Zone 3:53
Altitudes & Attitude Get It Out Out Here 3:20
Secret Rule The 7 Endless Dream 4:25
Vandor In The Land Of Vandor Possessive Eyes 4:18
Gloryful Cult Of Sedna When The Union Calls On Me 4:35
Enemy Inside Phoenix Oblivion 4:28
Bring Me The Hortizon Singel Mantra 3:50
Chontaraz Speed The Bullet Blind 3:50
Bloody Times On A Mission Fort Sumter 3:38
Oooth Who Cares What You I Gotta Give It Up 3:17



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Grand Design Viva La Paradise Rawk N Roll Hysteria 3:28
Altitudes & Attitude Get It Out Slip 3:03
Jetboy Singel Born To Fly 3:09
Chrome Division One Last Ride I´m On Fire Tonight 3:58
Come Taste The Band Reignition Tied Down 3:29
Devils Hand Devils Hand Drive Away 4:09
Daggerplay Subterranean Reality Same Old 2:35
Überyou Night Shifts Shine Down 3:28
The Lazys Tropical Hazard Little Miss Crazy 3:36
Pop Evil Pop Evil Legendary 3:16
Last Union Twelve Limousine 2:37
John Diva Mama Said Lolita 3:46
The Awakening Chasm Shore 4:20
Palace Binary Musiy Nothing Personal 3:30
Farmer Boys Born Again Faint Lines 2:30



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Kalidia The Fronzen Throne Myth Of Masada 3:57
Holter Vlad The Impaler Under My Skin 3:33
Radiant Radiant Life A Shadow 3:52
Lobster Killing Silence Because Of Me 3:37
Last Union Twelve Limousine 2:36
Stoyum We Are The Fire All In 3:32
Ten Illuminati Mephistopheles 5:07
Full House Me Against You Me Against You 3:38
Evergrey The Atlantic End Of Silence 4:45
Illusoria King Alone In The Dark 5:07
Torian God Of Storms Stonehearted 3:54
Thorium Thorium Court Of Blood 3:50
Dystopolis V EN O M Metro 4:03



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Ryan Roxie Imagine Your Reality Over And Done 3:13
The Baboon Show Radio Rebelde No Afterglow 3:17
Make Out Monday Visions Of Hollywood Bullet For Your Sweetheart 3:05
Sir Reg The Underdogs Fool 3:37
Daggerplay Subterranean Realitiy Kilburn Highroad 2:11
The Waltons Back In The Saddle Western Trail 2:46
V8 Wankers Full Pull Baby The Hoe 2:44
JBO Deutsche Vita Deutsche Vita 3:07
Meyer Ahugahagahu Kein Problem 3:34
Talco And The Winners Isnt La Verita 3:14
Ivan Ivanovich Wodoworot Krokodil 3:04
Saturnine Hello Saturnine Hello Street Kids 4:25
C For Caroline Headstrong Heartstrong On The Dancefloor 2:44
Stephen Pearcy View To A Thrill Malibu 24 2:54
Saltatio Mortis Brot und Spiele Nie Wieder Alkohol 2:58
Thunderosa Ride The Snake Beer Soaked 2:14
Bullet Dust To Gold Rogue Soldier 2:57


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Buckets Rebel Heart 20 Good Summers Whiskeyland 3:54
Flashback Of Anger Shades Holdout 4:27
The Blankz Singel Breakdown 1:57
Sabaton Singel The Lion From The North 4:39
Arryan Path Archegonoi Nemesis 4:55
Billy Bio Feed The Fire Feed The Fire 2:13
Thunderosa Ride The Snake Roller 3:33
The Trousers Invisible Darkness Dancer From The Dance 3:16
Royal Tusk II Under 2:56
Royal Tusk II Freedom 3:31
Inglorious Singel Where Are You Now 3:05
Tim Beam Nie Wieder Wir Durch den Tag 2:59
Black Ink. River Headstrong In The End 4:32
Virgin Steele Seven Devils Moonsh. Rip Off 2:15


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Brothers Of Metal Prophecy Of Regnar. We Believe In Metal 4:43
Arion Life Is Not Beautiful Unforgivable 3:23
Fronzen Land Fronzen Land Unsung Heroes 4:19
Born Again True Heavy Nation No Place In Heaven 3:27
Jonny Gioeli The Voice Drive 3:41
Holter Vlad The Impale Die For You 3:06
Kalidia The Frozen Throne Black Sails 3:59
Sunny Vegas Hotel Sunny Vegas I Don´t Mind 3:39
Sinbreed IV Final Call 3:24
Sunflower Dead Coma Torn In Two 3:18
Steelheart Rock´n Milan My Dirty Girl 4:45
Rainlight Lost In Time Field Of Souls 3:35
Range The Movement Range The Movement Bigwig 3:38
Sinister Army Sinister Come Over 3:01


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Drop Of Rage Hard Times Bullet Hard Times Bulletproof 4:14
Northward Northward Storm In A Glass 3:46
Nordic Union Singel Because Of Us 3:58
C For Caroline Headstrong Heartstrong The Greatest Story 3:06
Devil´s Hand Devil´s Hand Falling In 4:21
King Zebra Singel Firewalker 3:02
Neat Mentals Humanoid Cruel Fate 2:38
Red Dragon Cartel Singel Havana 4:12
Those Damn Crows Murder & The Motive Rock And Rock Ain´t Dead 3:54
Those Damn Crows Murder & The Motive Don’t Give A Damn 2:59
Jerome Mazza Outlaw Son The Dark Side 3:07
Magic Dance Singel When Nothings Real 3:38
Ace Frehley Spaceman Mission To Mard 3:31


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Drop Of Rage Hard Times Bullet Welcome 4:21
City Of Thieves Beast Reality Control 2:58
Care Of Night Love Equals War Hit 4:02
Black W. Mountain Black Wolf Mountain Bringin Hell 3:49
Papa Roach Singel Who Do You Trust 3:10
Northquake Words In Disguise High Sky 3:36
Six Foot Six Six Foot Six Project Falling Sparrow 4:04
Six Foot Six Six Foot Six Project Pride And Glory 3:36
Bonfire Legends Doctor Doctor 3:49
Bonfire Legends I Wanna Be Loved 3:23
Jean Beauvior Rock Masterpieces No You Don 3:43
Flat Earth None For One None For One Limelight 4:06
Dominoe The Last Radio Show Irresistible 3:21
Eric McFaden EMF Does ACDC Whole Lotta Rosie 5:02


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Drop Dead Mayhem Inc Fuck You 3:41
Amaranthe Helix Inferno 3:12
Arion Life Is Not Beautiful At The Break Of Dawn 3:29
City Of Thieves Beast Reality Lay Me To Waste 3:18
Chrome Division One Last Ride One The Last Ride 3:49
Ibridoma City Of Ruins City Of Ruins 3:48
Once After Earth Insane Schemes Of Sanity 4:19
Radiant Radiant You Rock 3:27
Axxis Monster Hero Rock Is My Religion 3:54
Axxis Monster Hero Firebird 3:24
Rave The Reqviem Fvuneral Skyweller 2:50
The Palth In Rock We Trust Believe In The Palth 2:50
Corners Of Sanctuary The Galloping Hordes Hail Hail 3:06
Impellitteri The Nature Of the Beast Gates Of Hell 3:28
Burning Witches Hexenhammer Hexenhammer 1:06


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Midnight City There Goes The Neighbourhood Here Comes The Party 4:37
Amaranthe Helix Countdown 2:56
Dragony Masters Of The Multiverse It If Bleeds We Can Kill It 4:28
PhonoOne Move On Poor Johnny 3:26
Prins Svart Prins Svart Färd I Natt 4:06
Sari Schorr Never Say Never King Of Rock And Roll 3:43
Striker Play To Win The Front 3:57
Heaven´s Trail Lethal Mind Carousel 4:33
Heaven´s Trail Lethal Mind On The Rise 4:21
DC4 Atomic Highway Seize The Day 4:17
Thorns Inside 1 Lane Hwy I Ln Hwy 3:15
Browsing Collection Don´t Want To Dance One Time A Year 3:32
Time Shifters Screaming Heros Highway Road 2:21
Rise In Chains Inside Me Psycho 1:15



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Black Ink. River Headstrong Headstrong 3:59
Striker Play To Win Head First 3:56
Danko Jones Singel We Are Crazy 3:15
Nazareth Tattooed On My Brain Tattooed On My Brain 2:43
Poets Of The Fall Ultraviolet My Dark Disquiet 4:54
99 Crimes 99 Crimes Pound Hammer 3:51
Meyer Ahugahagahu Rocker bluten nach innen 3:06
Loz Tinitoz Singel Küss mich 2:29
Dion Bayman Better Days Pieces 3:22
My Merry Machine Ignition She´s The One 3:42
Dead At 27 Bring In The Lights Lights 4:04
Gotthard Defrosted 2 Bye Bye Caroline 2:47
Blood Of The Sun Blood’s Thicker t.Love Keep The Lemmys Comin 4:45



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Brainstorm Midnight Ghost Ravenous Minds 5:02
Guardians Of Time Tearing Up The World Burning Of Rome 3:58
Krashkarma Morph Stranded 3:50
God´s Army Demoncracy Free Your Mind 3:09
Orion´s Reign Scores Of War The Gravewalker 5:53
Within Temptation Singel The Reckoning 4:06
Sir Reg The Underdogs Conor McGregor 2:22
Dynazty Firesign My Darkest Hour 3:24
Dynazty Firesign In The Arms Of A Devil 4:16
Xtasy Second Chance Get Out 3:00
S.K.o.R Tellus Bubbleman 3:24
Uncovered For Revenge Daybreak Tomboy 3:44
Mad Kick Behind The Breach All Night Long 4:02



Band: Album: Title: Time:
King Zebra Singel That's What I Like 3:42
Nashville Pussy Pleased To Eat You One Bad Mother 4:03
Nazareth Tattooed On My Brain Pole To Pole 4:15
Rise In Chains Insight Me Enter The Wonderland 2:42
Treat Singel Rose Of Jericho 3:39
Hell Boulevard In Black We Trust Thanks For Nothing 3:55
Emperos Of Wasteland Begin See You Again 4:27
Mike Christie Back Where I Belong One Good Reason 3:31
Crazy Lixx Singel Lights Out 3:06
Onkel Tom Bier Ernst Wir trinken wenig 3:01
Erix Hank Nothing But Trouble Affair Of The Heart 3:53
Dion Bayman Better Days Ready For The Real Thing 4:12
Rebel Hot Uncomfortableness Sunday Morning 3:36
The Heard The Island Tower Of Silence 3:14



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Ohrenfeindt Tanz nackt Rockn Roll Psychiater 3:36
Northward Northward While Love Died 4:34
Superseed Superseed Turn The Screw 3:43
21 Taras Change Chance Is Gonna Come 2:22
Drunken Swallows Chaosposie Weiter als der Horizont 2:34
Hell Boulevard In Black We Trust In Black We Trust 3:36
Newman Decade II Ghost In The Night 4:15
Osukaru House Of Mirrors Red Heat 4:16
The Unity Rise You Got Me Wrong 3:46
The Unity Rise Better Day 3:43
Lioncage Turn Back Time Blind 3:12
Supersuckers Suck It Breakin My Balls 3:09
Atlas In Pursuit Of Memory Look And Key 3:47
Dr. Savage Primitive Evil Rising 2:11
Jonny Wore Black Ultra Violent Light Gun True Love 3:14



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Weapon UK From The Ashes The Rockers 3:05
Silent Winter The War Is Here The War Is Here 3:11
Sir Reg The Underdogs The Underdogs 3:07
Wolfpire Naughty And Hungry Scene Queen 4:44
Mob Rules Beast Reborn Ghost Of A Chance 4:40
Motordrunk Motordrunk Motordrunk 4:03
Vandallus Bad Disease Vandallus 3:48
Reverend Blackflash Too Little Too Late Too Little Too Late 2:32
Manimal Purgatorio Spreading The Dread 3:39
Outloud Virtual Hero Society And I Tried 4:04
Outloud Virtual Hero Sociery Fight On 3:17
Black Majesty Children Of The Abyss Lonley 4:20
Negacy Escape From Paradise Born Betrayed 4:13



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Reverend Blackflash Too Little Too Late Ready When You Are 3:48
Ryders Creed Ryders Creed Ryder 4:58
The Blue Stones Black Holes Black Holes 2:57
The Blankz White Baby I Just Want To 2:19
Ohrenfeindt Tanz nackt Sechser im Lotto 3:47
Fingertrick If Requiems Brain Dead 3:28
Amaranthe Helix 365 3:12
Quireboys Homewreckers Josephine 2:43
Liar Thief Bandit Straight Ahead Everybody All The Time 3:32
Liar Thief Bandit Straight Ahead Head Down 3:18
Love & War Edge of the World Edge of the World 4:01
Gunpowder Gray Lethal Rock And Roll Increase The Pressure 2:55
Theia The Ghost Light Children Of Change 3:12
Radio Sun Beautiful Strange Have You Got What It Takes 3:12
Federal Charm Passenger Swing Sinner 2:43



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Pavement Princess First Night Out Your Favorite Rock Song 3:56
Mad Max 35 DAMN 4:33
Fingertrick If Requiems All Dawgs Go To Heaven 3:25
Crystal Viper At The Edge Of Time Tell Me Why 3:23
Kilmara Across The Realm Disciples 4:49
Exham Priory From Darker Tides Lost 4:32
Nashville Pussy Singel We Want A War 3:17
Saltatio Mortis Brot und Spiele Dorn Im Ohr 3:32
Maxxwell Metalized The Temple 3:54
Metal Hedz The Sideways Dance Jersey Girl 3:36
Massiv Wagons Full Nelson Last On The List 3:44
Taste Moral Decay The Fire Inside 4:31
Return To Void Memory Shift Midlands 4:23



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Powerwolf The Sacrament Of Sin Venom Of Venus 3:28
Andronikos King Chapter 1 Archaic Anthem 4:39
Dark Sky Once Reasons 3:53
Van Canto Trust In Rust Ride The Sky 4:48
Eunomia Chronicles Of Eunomia Freedom Call 4:46
Helion Prime Terror Of Cybernetic Silent Skies 4:53
Doro Forever Warriors Blood Sweat& Rockn Roll 4:17
Doro Forever Warriors Soldier Of Metal 4:28
Leto Vor die Hunde Karma 3:25
Primal Fear Apocalypse The Beast 3:38
UDO Steelfactory Eraser 3:55
Panic Fire Chrysalis Magnets 3:47



Band: Album: Title: Time:
The Radio Sun Beautiful Strange Standing Tall United 4:00
DeVicious Never Say Never Everything 4:14
Good Charlotte Generation X Shadowboxer 3:00
Ruff As Stone Out Your Smile On Lips Are For Kissing 4:00
Beggars The Day I Lost Book Of Days 3:58
Lady Catman Eyes Wilde Open Waiting For You 5:08
Karabozza Hellseeker DeusExMachina 3:31
S.K.o.R Tellus Blue Collar Girl 2:53
Mono Inc Welcome To Hell Funeral Song 4:27
Still No Doubt Still Rockin Step Aside 4:02
Still No Doubt Still Rockin High Heels 2:49
Unherz Für Immer Lass sie reden 3:24
Man.Mach.Industry Rising Reborn Horns At The Sky 3:28
Free From Sin II Worldvictim 0:32



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Uriah Heep Living The Dream Grazed By Heaven 4:31
Massiv Wagons Full Nelson China Plates 3:42
Monster Truck True Rocker Evolution 3:12
Theia The Ghost Light Mask Of The Day 3:31
Flickertrail Let There Be Love Back Of My Mind 3:21
Saltatio Mortis Brot & Spiele grosse Träume 3:23
Unzucht Akephalos ein Wort fliegt wie ein Stein 3:05
The Blankz White Baby White Baby 2:40
Kissin Dynamite Ecstasy I´ve Got The Fire 4:10
Kissin Dynamite Ecstasy You´re Waging War On Me 4:05
Hercules On The Radar Trucks In Trouble 3:28
Cold Sweat Roach Soldier Better Than This 3:59
Snakes In Paradise Singel Will You Remember Me 3:42
Stormwolf Howling Wrath Me Against The World 3:46



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Lipz Scaryman Get Up On The Stage 4:44
Creye Singel Holding On 3:53
Feuerschwanz Methämmer Schubetanz 3:16
Bob Dee With Petro Killstar Fight 3:40
Baretta Love Singel Outstanding Call 3:31
Feuerschwanz Methämmer Die Härner Hoch 3:44
Hercules On The Radar Where 2:35
Elvenstorm The Conjuring Into The Night 3:30
Spellblast Of Gold And Guns Wyatt Earp 3:43
Radio Haze Mountains From Birth To Cemetery 2:57
City Of Thieves Singel Born To Be Great 3:23
Sinestress Miedo America Latina 4:00
26.07.18: Telefoninterview mit Ben Metzner "Prinz R. Hodenherz" von Feuerschwanz



Band: Album: Title: Time:
King Company Queen Of Hearts One Day Of Your Life 4:01
Dare Out Of The Silence Heartbreaker 3:38
Bullets & Octane Waking Up Dead Rolling Stone 2:37
Graham B. Band Meanwhile Meanwhile Back In The Garage 4:59
Airrace Singel Summer Rain 4:19
CoOp CoOp Howl 4:30
Tad Morose Chapter X I Am Night 4:33
Schubert In Rock Commander Of Pain Empathy 4:12
Schubert In Rock Commander Of Pain Burning Heart 4:32
The Howling Tides The Howling Tides Death By Exile 2:25
Knightmare Walk Through The Fire Spirits 4:54
The Frontiers Barrier Breached Barrier Breached 2:16
Monument Hellbound Creatures Of The Night 4:30



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Doro Forever Warriors All For Metal 4:01
Aeternitas Tales Of The Grotesque The Raven 3:57
Black Rose A Light In The Dark Carry On 3:27
Destinia Metal Souls Metal Souls 5:03
Lordi Sexorcism Hot & Satanned 4:24
On Parole Caught On Tape Faster Faster 2:13
Sir Reg Fool Fool 3:37
The Torch Chasing Light Lies 2:50
Cinnamun Beloved Stain Another Day 3:39
Fantasy Opus The Last Dream Realm Of The Mighty Gods 5:24
Herzlos Schwarz Weiss Neon Aus Anderem Holz 3:20
Ultraphonix Original Human Music Walk Run Crawl 3:39
Lords Of Black Icon Of The New Days When A Hero Takes Fall 3:57



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Hungryheart Hungryheart Rock City 4:36
Big City Big City Life Running For Your 3:28
Clif Magness Lucky Dog Aint No Way 3:23
Black Orchid Empire Yugen Burn 3:38
Mono Inc Welcome To Hell Welcome To Hell 4:20
Herzlos Schwarz Weiss Neon Heiligenschein 4:25
Von Baltzer Cultural Daze Better Days 3:28
Andy Susemihl Elevation Sick Of The Rain 3:38
Gioeli Set the World on Fire Castronovo Through 3:53
Motorjesus Race To Resurrection Re Ignite 3:44
Motorjesus Race To Resurrection The Case 4:09
Jean Beauvoir Rock Masterpieces Feel The Heat 3:51
Praying Mantis Gravity Keep It Alive 3:01



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Liverbox Rockn Roll Salvation Wet And Wild 3:06
Black Rose A Light In The Dark Don´t Fear The Fire 3:58
Mars When 2 Worlds Collide Just Cant Deny 5 3:58
Primal Fear Apocalypse Hounds Of Justice 3:46
Millennial Reign The Great Divine Imagine 4:18
Lipz Scaryman Star 4:28
On Parole Caught On Tape Read My Lips 3:34
Vega Only Human Let´s Have Fun Tonight 3:50
Vega Only Human Worth Dying For 3:59
The Torch Chasing Light The World Belong To No One 3:05
Kneipenterroristen Moskau Der Zwölfte Mann 2:17
Kneipenterroristen Moskau Moskau 3:50
Jizzy Pearl All You Need Is Soul Youre Gonna Miss Me 2:49
The Soul Exchange Edge Of Sanity Right Here 4:10



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Bullet Dust To Gold Speed And Attack 2:36
Crying Steel Stay Steel Raise Your Hell 4:15
Millennial Reign The Great Divine Break The Tide 4:42
Michael Schinkel Smoke On The Mountain I Believe In This Miracle 2:58
Liverbox Rockn Roll Salvation Falling Apart 3:53
Lordi Sexorcism Rimskin Assassin 4:30
Sunstorm The Road To Hell Only The Good Will Survive 4:12
Ryan Roxie Imagine Your Reality To Live And Die In LA 3:28
Stormwitch Bound To The Witch Ancient Times 3:50
Refuge Solitary Men From The Ashes 4:43
TNT XIII Tears In My Eyes 4:18
Bullet Dust To Gold Aint Enough 2:36
Drunken Swallows Ich tu‘s für Dich Ich tu‘s für Dich 2:42



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Michael Schinkel Smoke On The Mountain Got A Rock & Roll Fever 3:55
David Slame Follow The Butterfly Circles Of Pain 4:21
Bullets & Octane Waking Up Dead When We Were Young 3:13
Smonking Martha In Deep Say You Are Mine 3:19
Jizzy Pearl Jizzy Pearl High For An Eye 3:49
Roterfeld Hamlet At Sunset No Friends Of Mine 3:22
Heavysaurus Rockn Rarrr Music Rarrr 4:08
Plastic Tears Angels With Attitude Rhythm Rider 3:51
Plastic Tears Angels With Attitude Dark Passenger 3:33
Motor City Mayhem Shitfaced &Outta Luck Bad Habit 2:53
Mos Generator Shadowlands Shadowlands 4:24
Issa Run With The Pack Run With The Pack 2:52
Marita Bloodlust Horror High 3:33
Matterhorn Crimes Of Man Children Of The Sun 2:11



Band: Album: Title: Time:
James Christian Craving Heaven Is A Pleace In Hell 3:36
City Of Thieves City Of Thieves Buzzed Up City 3:39
Salems Lott Mask Of Morality Fatal Attraction 3:43
Follow The Cipher Follow The Cipher Carolus Rex 4:30
The Brink Singel Little Janie 3:15
Seventh Wonder Seventh Wonder Victorious 4:51
Stryper God Damn Evil God Damn Evil 4:00
Jason Wells Nine Hours East Moline 3:42
Amanda Somerville Alloy Trillium 4:02
Big City Big City Life From This Day 4:09
Tri State Corner Hero Tomorrowland 4:02
Dead City Ruins Never Say Doe Devil Man 2:18
Sinforce Salvation Avenue Fairy Tales 3:15



Band: Album: Title: Time:
V8 Wankers Full Pull Baby Black Belt 3:38
Blackslash Lightning Strikes Skyline Rider 4:11
Crystal Tears Decadence Deluxe Where Angels Die 3:23
Hartmann Hands On The Wheel Dream World 4:06
Mutant Proof Mutant Proof Into The Void 3:43
Ryan Roxie Imagine Your Reality Over And Done 3:17
Felskinn Mind Over Matter The Night Before The Dawn 4:05
Ross The Boss By Blood Sworn Devil´s Day 3:05
Overwind I Can Do It Again Labyrinth Featuring 4:00
Bullet Dust To Gold Rogue Soldier 2:57
Dead Daiseis Burn It Down Dead And Gone 3:24
Reportage Prison Of Ice Enter The Text Cover 3:52
Dine´n Dasher Moonshiner Moonshiner 3:24
Velvet Viper Respice Finem Law Of Rock 3:59


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Crosson Invincible Rock Warriors 3:42
Cattail Brew It´s A Bit Difficult Fishbowl Blues 4:04
Feast Feast Hail 4:13
Jaded Heart Devil´s Gift The Enemy 3:56
Ignore The Sign A Line To Cross The Story Isn´t Over 3:53
Phase II Phase Face It Greed 3:58
Maverick Cold Star Dancer Seize The Day 3:05
Trevor&The Wolves Road To Nowhere Spiritual Leader 3:40
V8 Wankers Full Pull Baby The Hoe 2:44
The Waltons Back In The Saddle Western Trail 2:46
Reportage Prison Of Ice Hiding Inside 4:31
Silent Revenants Walk With Fire How Do I Feel 4:31
Universe Infinity Rock Is Alive Companys Coming 5:10


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Crystal Ball Crystallizer Beauty In The Beast 3:53
Axel Rudi Pell Knights Call The Wild And The Young 4:12
Crosson Invincible Rebel Train 3:34
Gus G. Fearless Don´t Tread On Me 4:42
Circle Of Silence The Crimson Throne Race To The Sky 4:50
Lords Of Black Singel Icons Of The New Days 4:41
Borealis The Offering The Awakening 4:57
Kardinal Sin Victorious Patria 3:25
Kardinal Sin Victorious Victorious 4:20
The Waltons Back In The Saddle Without A Bass 3:12
Thrust Harvest Of Souls Deceiver 3:13
Madhouse Metal Or Die Demons Of Insanity 2:54
Ross The Boss By Blood Sworn Fistful Of Hate 4:15


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Grad Design Viva La Paradise Rawk N Roll Hysteria 3:30
The Amorettes Born To Rock Coming Up The Middle 3:36
Phase II Phase Face It The Sign 3:31
Volster Perfect Storm Breathless 3:33
Feast Feast Steves Mother 4:32
JBO Deutsche Vita Deutsche Vita 3:07
Heartwind Higher And Higher Through The Light 3:44
Bonfire Temple Of Lies Crazy Over You 3:43
Bonfire Temple Of Lies Stand Or Fall 3:13
Vega Only Human Last Standing Man 4:33
The White Buffalo Darkest Darks Nightstalker Blues 2:43
Tri State Corner Hero Follow Me Blindly 3:48
Deadline Nothing Beside Remains Nothing Beside Remains 3:54
Praying Mantis Only Human Gravity 1:19


Band: Album: Title: Time:
The Amorettes Born To Break You Still Got Rock´n Roll 3:55
QFT Live In Space Aliens 3:32
Issa With The Pack Come Back Again 4:08
FM Atomic Generation Black Magic 4:25
Blind Channel Blood Brothers Alone Against All 3:20
Monument Hellbound Attila 4:48
Ron Keel Metal Cowboy Long Gone Bad 3:58
Ron Keel Metal Cowboy What Would Skynyrd Do 4:07
Cattail Brew It´s A Bit Difficult Liar 3:56
Blind Channel Blood Brothers Wolfpack 3:10
M .Thompsen Band Singel 72 Camaro 4:01
Rain Diary Black Weddings Flowers 3:53
Perfect Plan Perfect Plan In And Out Of Love 4:22



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Stevie R. Pearch & The Hooligans dito Goin Down 3:16
Blind Channel Blood Brothers Sharks Love Blood 3:24
Maverick Cold Star Dancer Myrmidon 4:02
Light The Torch Revival Calm Before The Storm 3:51
Jaded Heart Devil´s Gift Wastland 4:19
Jari Tiura King Of Lions Human 4:14
Riot Amor Of Light Victory 4:36
Felskinn Mind Over Matter Bastards Out 3:05
Dino Sound Claudia Made Of 4:04
Follow The Cipher Follow The Cipher Valkyria 3:15
Dokken Live In My Dreams 4:30
Romano Nervoso I Don’t Like Sex Drugs & Rockn Roll 2:05
Universe Infinity Rock Is Alive Red Submarines 3:53
Demir Demirkan War 3 Freedom 1:40


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Ignore The Sign A Line To Cross Saviours Of Rock 3:56
Coreleoni The Greatest Hits Downtown 2:57
Shiraz Lane Carnival Days Tidal Wave 3:41
Trevor &The Wolves Road To Nowhere Wings Of Fire 3:54
Revertigo Revertigo Symphony Of Fallen Angels 3:21
Merryweather Stark Carved In Rock Rockers Lament 2:26
Velvet Viper Respice Finern Dangerous 4:09
Doomsday Outlaw Doomsday Outlaw Over And Over 3:35
Animal Drive Bite Had Enough 3:39
FM Atomic Generation Make The Best 4:35
No Hot Ashes No Hot Ashes Come Alive 3:25
Thrust Harvest Of Souls The Sorceress 4:35
Stryper God Damn Evil Take It To The Cross 3:33
Outlyrs Outlyrs Cowboy 2:38
Outlyrs Outlyrs Under Your Spell 0:36


Band: Album: Title: Time:
Jari Tiura King Of Lions Blue Sky Lightning 4:48
Colt 48 II Never 3:45
Stevie R. Pearch & The Hooligans dito Can´t Turn Your Back On 3:33
Dukes Of The Orient Dukes Of The Orient Strange Days 5:11
Michael Schenker Fest Resurrection Time Knows When It´s Time 4:19
Reach The Great Divine Running For Empty 3:25
Slears Turbulent Waters Angel Lost 3:25
Drive She Said Real Life Whats It Gonna Take 4:19
Dono Sound Claudia Chasing Rats 4:08
Evolucija Hunt Poet 3:24
Black Stone Cherry Family Tree Burnin 3:23
Last Days Of Eden Chrysalis 7 Years Of Madness 3:46
Lowdrive Roller It´s Not Heaven 3:25



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Thundermother Thundermother We Fight For Rock 2:50
J. Kihlberg Impera Age Of Discovery That’s The Way 3:56
Custoy Singel Its All Real Now 2:40
Rhino Proof Rhino Proof Devils Playground 3:51
Michael Schenker Fest Resurrection Heart And Soul 4:14
Pinski Sound The Alarm III 3:53
Jennifer Lyn Badlands Burned It Down 2:53
Shiraz Lane Carnival Days People Like Us 3:35
Ardbeggar Bring Your Own Demon Rock Bottom Violin 4:08
Mother Misery Megalodon Ashes Of Your Crown 3:57
Sink The Ship Singel Domestic Dispute 3:36
The Standfields Limboland Afraid Of The World 3:19
Bulletboys Singel D-Evil 3:11
Rain Diary Black Weddings Berlin 3:15
Ammunition Ammunition Gung Ho 1:01



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Maverick Firebird Silent Scream 4:15
Merrywether Stark Carved In Rock Babylon Sin City 3:22
One Bloody Reason Cheater Walk 2:20
Letzte Instanz Morgenland Wellenreiter 4:08
Signal Red Under The Radar Goth The Girl 3:56
Soldiers Of Solace We Are Immortal Walk Tall 4:21
Seasons Of The Wolf Solar Flare Fools Gold 3:19
Sebastien Act Of Creation My Empire 3:45
Sebastien Act Of Creation No Destination 2:59
Talco And The Winner Isnt Bomaye 2:37
SNU MeN SNU MeN Only One 4:16
Robert J. Hunter Robert J. Hunter Wait Your Turn 3:23
Razorbats II Sister Siberia 3:51
Alcyona Trailblazer The Lost Valley 3:17



Band: Album: Title: Time:
The Barboon Show Radio Rebelde Radio Rebelde 3:28
Lione-Conti Lione-Conti Walk On Water 4:02
Spider Hotel Club Singel I Wanna Be Somebody Else 2:47
Savage Hands Barcley Alive Red 3:31
My Last Wisper Embers Of Eden Dark Wasteland 3:43
Ost Front Adrenalin 10 Jahre Ost Front 3:19
Mike Lepond Pawn And Prophecy Avengers Of Eden 3:29
Deve´s Neck One Nothing To Me 3:28
Voodoo Circle Raised On Rock Walk On The Line 4:45
Voodoo Circle Raised On Rock Just Take My Heart 3:10
Alesana Singel Fits And Starts 4:08
Black Label Society Grimmest Hits Room Of Nightmare 2:30
Öblivion Resilience In The Arms Of A Queen 3:25



Band: Album: Title: Time:
KB 36 Fake Rock The Boat 3:20
Phil Campell The Age Of Absurdity Welcome To Hell 3:05
Sondag Stick To The Plan Glitter 3:02
WET Earthrage Watch The Fire 4:51
Running With Lions Lucid Nightmares Impostor Syndrome 3:03
King Zebra Singel Bad Idea 3:21
Ammunition Ammunition Freedom Finder 3:08
Mymisses Straight On My Way Be Bad 4:17
Thundermother Thundermother Whatever 2:38
Maggies Madness Pushed To The Limit Turnaround 3:45
Maggies Madness Pushed To The Limit Me Myself And I 4:28
Pal Prime Older And Wiser 3:37
In Side Out Side The Signs Of Time 4:29
Prayer Silent Soldiers Fires Of The Heart 3:01



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Panorama Around The World Around The World 3:49
Victorious Dinosaur Warfare Dinosaur Warfare 4:06
Eynomia Break Free Take A Look 3:22
Humanash Reborn From Ashes The Liberation Of The Cursed 4:33
Rebellion A Tragedy In Steel Stand Up For Bastards 3:59
Savage Machine Abandon Earth The Hunter 4:51
Talco And The Winner Isn´t La Verita 3:14
Leaves Eyes Sign Of The Dragonland Across The Sea 3:45
Coronatus Secrets Of Nature Sleigh Ride To Asgard 4:26
Coronatus Secrets Of Nature Dance Of The Satyr 2:56
Miskatonic Union Astral Quest Road To The Mountains 4:06
Rexoria Queen Of Light Way To Die 4:12
Ignitor Haunted By Rock & Roll Heavy Is The Head 2:01



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Panorama Around The World Shout It Out 3:52
Reverence Foreverence Phoenix Rising 3:40
Magick Touch Blades Chains Lost With All Hands 3:09
Beast In Black Berseker Born Again 3:47
Ammouri Dare To Be Happy Manupulation 3:46
The Gang The Gang Rockn Rebels 3:38
Sign X Singel Glorious Again 3:20
Blood Red Saints Love Hate Conspiracies Live & Die 4:24
Blood Red Saints Love Hate Conspiracies Something In Your Kiss 4:36
Tommy Zamp You Don’t Know Me Let It Go 3:37
Pretty Boy Floyd Public Enemies Girls All Over The World 3:02
Magnum Lost On The Road Without Love 5:16
Cromonic Singel Another World 3:33



Band: Album: Title: Time:
Pretty Boy Floyd Public Enemies Do Ya Wanna Rock 2:38
Hellflower Orange Just Like Me 4:15
Inishmore The Lemming Project Eternal Wanderer 4:51
Rockbeton Fuck Off Mainstream Hotter Than Hell 4:15
Trucker Diablo Fighting For Everything Voodoo II 3:55
Operation Mindcrime A New Reality Wake Me Up 4:47
Mystic Prophecy Uncovered You Keep Me Hangin On 3:27
Mystic Prophecy Uncovered Because The Night 3:19
Iron Savior Reforged Eye To Eye 5:36
White Mountain Singel Make A Wish 4:26
Tragedian Unholy Divine Shadow Of The Moon 3:55
Masqued The Lightinthe Dark Bullet By Bullet 3:15

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